Red Dawn for Australia

I’m a big fan of World War III, well scratch that. I’m a big fan of fiction that deals with World War III. I’ve recently been made aware of an Australian film called, Tomorrow, When the War Began which is based on a novel that features the struggle of eight teens post an unexpected war. The trailer looks pretty decent and I might just have to add it to the old Netflix queue (I’m too cheap to see a movie in a theater.)

By the way, it’s nice to see the Asian dude get some play. You can tell it’s not an American movie, cuz we’re all racist and shit. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t know karate.

  • BJ

    The movie is based on a set of young adult novels by the Australian author John Marsden entitled “Tomorrow when the war began”. It’s been 18 years since the first book came out, so my memory is a little hazy, but I do recall enjoying reading them. One thing that I remember is how believable both the plot and characters were. Marsden portrays how a tight group of friends transforms into a very effective group of insurgents as well as the trauma that this war as inflicted what are essentially children becoming adults.

    Ellie, the books protagonist, can sometimes be used as a nickname for a guy, so I found the sex scene a little confusing. “Are they gay?! How does that work if he’s… oh” and that was the first erotic literature I had ever read.

    The production values on some Australian cinema is sometimes sub-standard. Given depth on content in the Marsden books, I really hope this shines.

  • Bullshit, no way a bunch of civilians, who look like pansies that don’t even throw their own trash out for fear of getting germs, can learn enough military tactics to pose any threat to what looks like freakin’ Nazi stormtroopers piloting spaceships to bomb their entire country! Madness! xD

    Die, you care-free young sexy bastards! DIE!

    On the other hand, I do kinda wanna see how they pull it off. :)