Ranking the Megazords

ultra megazord

Power Rangers has been airing continuously here in the states for 20 years! That means the teams have had a lot of Megazords, the giant robot formed by the team’s individual robots. Some are badass. Some are completely dumb. Let’s rank them, primarily by how they look.

Legendary Megazord

legendary megazord

This guy cracks me up but I love how they commit to him looking like a pirate to the extent that even his helmet resembles a tri-corner captain’s hat. The curved cutlasses, the symmetry. He looks nimble yet powerful. Love it. Plus, these Rangers could call on the powers of former Power Ranger teams to upgrade their Megazord with the powers/abilities of former Megazords. It was just about perfect.

Samurai Megazord

samurai megazord

This guy looks like a samurai. A tough one! And the individual zords that comprise him would not just transform but fold like origami. Elegant. This Megazord could combine with other animal-themed zords to power up further which gave him cool helmets and swords.

Gosei Great Megazord

gosei great megazord

This guy harkens back to the original Megazord but he has a shark hand and a Phoenix hand that had a “tickle attack”. I love the wings on the back and the wings on the head. The face on the chest is strong but maybe just a little too large/overpowering for the design. The leg formation was the best part when the black snake zord would wrap into a U shape and connect with the lion to form the legs.

Wild Force Megazord

wild force megazord

I guess I’m a sucker for a shark hand. And a tiger hand too? Those are fantastic. But the chest is just a little too big. Otherwise he looks sleek and kinda ninja-like. I even dig that five pointed headpiece. It’s got the animal theme represented in a smart way.

Shogun Megazord

shogun megazord

This looks like a Megazord you’d want to take into battle. The ancient Shogun Zords were all robots so that’s cool in its own right. Then they merged into the Shogun Megazord and it looks like a goddamn tank. Yeah, this guy looks like he’d cause some damage!

Zeo Megazord

zeo megazord

The Zeo zords were based on mythical animals like the Sphinx and Taurus the Bull. Cool. And once it merged into the Zeo Megazord, it could swap out five different helmets that gave it various abilities like big cannons or telekinesis. He looked great. He could also merge with the Red Battlezord (yeah, the Red Ranger got TWO robot zords) to form the Zeo MegaBattleZord or with the Gold Ranger’s Pyrimidas (a boring pyramid zord that was still humongous) to form the Zeo Ultrazord. Plenty of upgrades!

Jungle Pride Megazord

jungle pride megazord

The cool thing about this Megazord is how nimble he is. He just seems the most flexible. I also really like the red and black stripes along his body and the way his robot face is tucked into an animal head. Also, those fist gauntlets are fantastic. He’s a little cartoony maybe, but he has some sleek design elements.

Storm Megazord

storm megazord

Strong design. I like how his colors are so consistent. Blue and gold primarily. It gives it one of the most polished looks. He’s got a great head but that sword is kind of chunky. Looks more like a weird club.



Hell yeah. The original for us here in North America. This guy was a huge robot made out of dinosaur robots. He looked great and took out gigantic monsters with ease. It could form a tank but that was kinda lame because it would always turn into the big robot version so stop wasting our time. It could call a sword from the sky. Did it hover in orbit? Come out of a pocket dimension? Who knows?

Thunder Megazord

thunder megazord

The Thunder Megazord was essentially an upgraded version built from the original zords. Instead of being called a Triceratops, for instance, the Blue Ranger now shouted Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord. But it looked like a completely new zord! The new form was fine, supposedly more powerful but I always thought it looked a little too fat. I did like how it acted like a samurai with design flourishes to push that idea forward. And he carried his sword in a scabbard on his hip. It could also merge with the White Tiger Zord and Tor the shuttle for a super upgrade. It couldn’t be stopped. Until it was.

Drive Max Megazord

drive max megazord

I usually do not care for the car-based megazords but this one looks so powerful. The shovel and axe make him look like a working class Megazord. He’s just maybe a little too busy to be one of the best. Lots of detail in the chest and head make it hard to find the central shape there.

Mega Voyager Megazord

mega voyager megazord

Okay, not bad. Not bad. Sometimes he had a shield and a big cannon. He could have wings. Doesn’t look too cluttered. Not the most original or distinctive but nothing bad either.

Stratoforce Megazord

stratoforce megazord

Strong robot design. Good color. Just doesn’t quite look as powerful as some of the guys above him. The individual zords were basically all little jets. I think he looks like a great robot but not quite like a combination of five zords.

Astro Megazord

astro megazord

This guy looks terrific in my opinion with a cool head and strong red/blue color theme. But the Astro Megazord was really just a shuttle and its base. And I like the idea of three to six robots combining. So he falls a tiny bit lower.

Claw Armor Megazord

claw armor megazord

It looks dangerous but it also just looks too complex and too bulky to be very effective. The Samurai Megazord looks so much better without all this extra stuff duct taped all over the place.

Time Force Megazord

time force megazord

Simple. Kind of retro, which I dig. The individual zords were very similar jets and thus a little dull on their own. But their combined form is better because it looks very unified. Good sword, cool chest. But the helmet is just a bit too round and could look cooler with horns or something.

Centaurus Megazord

centaurus megazord

Decent. Just sort of looks more like a red Transformer than a Megazord. It was combined from five cars. Fortunately, the limbs and head look more like a robot than a bunch of welded cars. It’s just that the central chest piece makes him look like an upright pickup truck. Good unified color scheme though.

Titan Megazord

titan megazord

I really like most of this Megazord’s design but the wings are just way too comically large. And the chest plate is slightly high so it hides his head a bit too much. It’s like a Megazord that could be SO much better with a few tweaks. It’s good, not great.

Galaxy Megazord

galaxy megazord

Some good, some bad. Limbs are fine. In fact the animal heads as shoulder armor is unique and cool. The bull-like head is good, reminiscent of the original Megazord. But that gorilla belt is just goofy. And his torso is a bit too boxy.

Delta Megazord

delta megazord

I love his hands and color scheme but he’s really just a transforming shuttle. And I simply don’t care for a triangle head. Makes him look like he’s wearing a dunce cap or something. The visor is strong.

Ninja Megazord

ninja megazord

A ninja version of the megazord comprised of animal zords: ape, crane, wolf, etc. Not as cool as dinosaurs but still badass. This guy didn’t have a sword. Just a powered ninja punch. I’m not sure how “ninja” it looked. But the bear face on its chest was cool and the White Ranger’s Falcon Zord could merge with it to give him cool wings in the back. The TV show called it the Ninja MegaFalconZord. Not quite the same as the movie version which called it the Ninja FalconMegazord and was done up in shoddy CG. We’ll ignore that one and stick with the TV versions. Not a fan of his weirdo head that almost looks like a bird taking a shit on him.

Super Zeo Megazord

super zeo megazord

I dunno. I like that the zords were big robots but each one was essentially just a shape with arms and legs. They looked a bit dumb to me. And they teamed up with this one zord called Warrior Wheel who was just a tire with a football helmet head. Ugh. Too simple. Did look good as the Super Zeo Megazord but its components weren’t the strongest.

Dino Charge Megazord

dino charge megazord

Eh, this guy. He looks like he was glued together from broken toys. That dinosaur head is just TOO big and is the first thing you notice. Its glowing eyes don’t help. It makes him look off-balance. And then his green arm doesn’t look very useful. It’s a shovel.

Thundersaurus Megazord

thundersaurus megazord

This guy looks fine except for his two dumb arms. I just imagine him trying sadly to pick something up and it keeps falling. A bumpy stick for one arm and a fork for the other. Bad.

Rescue Megazord

rescue megazord

The Turbo Rangers’ second set of zords were a very slight improvement. The Rescue Megazord was bigger, basically. It was still not a good look and the individual zords were dull.

Delta Squad Megazord

delta squad megazord

Could be worse but he looks like he’s walking around in painted tires on every limb. It’s like his chest and torso are too small to support the rest of him.

Lightspeed Megazord

lightspeed megazord

Yuck. That middle part is the worst. It’s just a bunch of stuff stacked up. Looks like painted cardboard boxes. More like bad cosplay than a Megazord.

Turbo Megazord

turbo megazord

Nope. Just a bunch of cars. Not good for fighting individually. Only useful as the Turbo Megazord, which did not look cool.

High Octane Megazord

high octane megazord

The worst I’ve seen. His body is just nothing but eyeballs. And cartoony eyeballs at that. He’s lucky he’s a Megazord because no human could support shoulder pads like that. Even his gun has cartoon eyes. Awful.