Ranking Kenner’s Strange Terminator Action Figures

Terminator Week

We’re spoiled with our action figures these days. You can find high-end Terminator figures for between $200 to $300 from Hot Toys or still get a pretty amazing sculpt in the $20-$25 range from NECA. But back in the mid-90s, we had to take what we could get. And what we got was a bizarre series by Kenner. No Sarah Connor. No Kyle Reese. Hell, no humans period except for John Connor. Young John Connor. Basically, it was just a ton of robots. Oh, and they didn’t have likeness rights to Arnold Schwarzenneger. Let’s just take a look at what the line gave us, from best to worst.

t2technopunch figure

Not a very detailed mold but the robot endoskeleton is the iconic figure we’d all want.

t2explodingt1000 figure

It’s too bad he’s ALWAYS half metal but he looks the most screen accurate.

t2powerram figure

Well, I don’t recall the Terminator ever getting a big punching arm but this is fairly close to his T2 look.

t2johnconnor figure

No one’s first choice for a fun figure but he is important and the bike adds a good amount of value.

t2damagerepair figure

The replaceable head and human arm are useful. The robotic stuff, less so.

terminator metal mash figure

It’s the Terminator but gold. Okay, sure.

t2endoglow figure

Glowing figures are usually the sign of a toyline gasping for its last breath, not the first series, but it looks decent.

t2whitehott1000 figure

If you already had a base T-1000 figure, this is probably a good second one. You’re just limited to molten factory scenarios.

t2blastert1000 figure

A police officer T-1000 is a good idea. The execution makes this look like a He-Man or C.O.P.S. reject, though.

t2battledamage figure

I like the idea of a battle damage action feature, but the human arms with tiny metal body just looks weird.

terminator battle ready figure

Looks like he’s ready for a battle in the bedroom.

t2secretweapon figure

If you want a leather daddy Terminator, this is for you. And his stomach has a cannon. Why didn’t the movies think of that?

t2meltdown figure

Unflattering yellow shirt and the questionable action feature of a squirt gun. Pass.

terminator hot blast figure

Hot blast? That’s just inappropriate.

terminator hidden power figure

If a shirtless man says he wants to show you his hidden power, run.

t2kromium figure

What? This fits no aesthetic from the movies. And his head pops up like Ram Man. Nice shoulder pads, dork.

t2cybergrip figure

Looks like he has all sorts of disorders. He is of zero use in the field or in the playroom.

  • Skewed_View

    The only Terminator figure I ever had was that Power Arm Terminator. I really wanted an endoskeleton, though.

  • Chris Piers

    I had the gold Terminator and Kromium. Pretty sure they were in a lot of figures I sold to Will West.

  • Dennis R

    I have the Cyber grip one, the gold one, a silver one, and the dual cannon one. Got them as a lot from a vendor at a flea market a few days ago for $5. I gave him $10. The Cyber grip one alone is easily worth $8.