Ranking EVERY Villain of The Avengers Comics

all avengers villains

The Avengers is a massive movie culmination of all sorts of individual superheroes, but it’s based on comics that Marvel has been continuously publishing since 1963. Over more than 50 years, the superhero team has battled against over 100 supervillains or supervillain teams. We’re going to rank ALL of them from biggest threats through misguided powerhouses.

The rules were that it had to be someone who opposed the Avengers the team. That includes West Coast Avengers, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers. But not Force Works or Great Lakes Avengers. It has to be the official Avengers charter. All the stories are from the main comics continuity. Not movies, cartoons or parallel world stories. And often we grouped together teams or races instead of listing each member, unless they opposed the Avengers on multiple times or solo as well as on teams.

144. Simon Williams (Wonder Man)

wonder man

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #9 (1964)

Powers: Super-strength and endurance thanks to ionic rays.

Biggest victory: Led the Avengers into a trap while working for Baron Zemo. But then he had an attack of conscience and (seemingly) gave his life to save the Avengers. Ended up coming back and being a longtime superhero with the team.

143. Jacques Duquesne (Swordsman)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #19 (1965)

Powers: Really good with a sword. Later got a super sword from Mandarin.

Biggest victory: Successfully infiltrated the Avengers with the help of Mandarin, in the hopes of using his status as a hero to gain access to bigger crimes. But then he ended up becoming a good guy and dying in battle.

142. Melissa Gold (Screaming Mimi/Songbird)

screaming mimi

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #271 (1986)

Powers: Surgically given the ability to create supersonic sounds and later can make solid constructs out of sound.

Biggest victory: On Baron Zemo’s orders, she successfully broke the criminal Yellowjacket out of prison, as Screaming Mimi. Later, she was one of Zemo’s original Thunderbolts posing as new superheroes but she ended up liking it and becoming a hero. She now works with Luke Cage on the Thunderbolts program which allows supervillains an opportunity to reform.

141. Abner Jenkins (The Beetle/Mach-1 through Mach-V)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #26 (1966)

Powers: The Beetle armor and Mach armor allow him to fly and lift up to 1 ton with each arm.

Biggest victory: Captured Wasp along with The Collector. Escaped with him when the Avengers came to rescue her.

140. Robert Frank, Jr. (Nuklo)


First fought the Avengers: Giant-Size Avengers Vol. 1 #1

Powers: Superhumanly strong and tough. Projects an aura that absorbs force directed at him. Could generate plasma. Could grow to 20 feet tall and split into three separate beings.

Biggest victory: He was the son of the Whizzer and Miss America but was born a mutant emitting radiation. He was put in a containment cell and awoke in the present only grown to a young adult. His confusion made him rampage around New York. The Avengers and Whizzer stopped him but Whizzer had a heart attack and died. Frank, Jr. got his powers under control and went to college.

139. Vuk of the D’Bari (Starhammer)/Namor the Sub-Mariner


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #4 (1964)

Powers: Alien armor allowed him to lift up to 10 tons and was resistant to damage. Had a ray gun that could turn things to stone (and back) for 100 hours. Namor is an Atlantean/human hybrid and also a mutant. His Atlantean physiology allows him to breathe underwater, swim fast and lift nearly 100 tons. His mutant power is to fly thanks to wings on his heels.

Biggest victory: Agreed to Namor’s demand to turn the Avengers to stone in exchange for helping fix his spaceship. His appearance led to Captain America joining the Avengers. Eventually helped the Avengers who fixed his spaceship for him instead. So he got home. Namor later joined the team.

138. Rita DeMara (Yellowjacket)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #264 (1986)

Powers: Suit enables Yellowjacket to shrink in size as well as fly. Also has disruptor stings.

Biggest victory: Stealing the Yellowjacket costume from the Avengers. But later joined the Avengers.

137. Night Shift

night shift

First fought the Avengers: West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #40 (1989)

Powers: A team comprised of Maximillian Coleridge (The Shroud) that he used to infiltrate the criminal underworld. Shroud can summon Darkforce material to cover the area around him in complete darkness that only he can see through. He is also an expert martial artist. Other members included Hangman, Tatterdemalion, Gypsy Moth, Werewolf by Night, Misfit, Needle, Tick Tock, Dansen Macabre, Brothers Grimm and Digger.

Biggest victory: The group mutinied on Shroud and Hangman became leader, tricking the other members into selling their souls to Satannish. They fought the West Coast Avengers but realized their souls were in danger and teamed up with Dr. Strange and the West Coast Avengers to save their souls. Saving your own soul is a decent victory, even if it was your own stupidity that lost it in the first place.

136. Erik Josten (Power Man/Atlas)

Power Man beats up Hercules

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #21 (1965)

Powers: Superhuman strength and durability. Can lift about 30 tons at normal height or grow to 60 feet and lift up to 100 tons.

Biggest victory: Briefly took on the superhero name Goliath and rampaged through California to sully the name. Only semi-effective. Atlas was only arrested and imprisoned once through all his fights with the Avengers and ultimately joined Zemo’s Thunderbolts. He betrayed Zemo because he decided he liked being a good guy.

135. Chen Lu (Radioactive Man), Boris Bullski (Titanium Man), Alex Nevsky (Crimson Dynamo) and Slasher

radioactive man titanium man crimson dynamo

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #130 (1974)

Powers: Radioactive Man can absorb and manipulate radiation, giving him strength (can lift up to 2 tons), force fields, ability to cause nausea, and energy blasts. Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo each have powered suits of armor like Iron Man, but built by Soviet Russia.

Biggest victory: These three got in a squabble with the Avengers since they called themselves heroes and the Avengers were staunchly anti-communist. They put their differences aside but a jewel thief named Slasher manipulated them into a second short fight. Each of these men serve their country’s best interests.

134. Squadron Supreme

squadron supreme

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #85 (1971)

Powers: Essentially the Justice League of America. Hyperion is Superman, Dr. Spectrum is Green Lantern, Whizzer is Flash, etc.

Biggest victory: The Squadron Supreme has briefly fought the Avengers to more or less a standstill on a handful of occasions but it’s always been because someone’s mind-controlled. They’re good guys and have always teamed up with the Avengers quickly. It’s just too bad they can get controlled so easily. It’s happened at least three times.

133. Ares


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #100 (1972)

Powers: He’s the Greek god of war! He is superhumanly strong (can lift 70 tons), fast, and immortal. An expert with all weapons and tactics.

Biggest victory: Enchantress convinced him of a prophecy where he would rule Olympus and he briefly turned all the gods into crystal and assembled an army. It takes the combined might of the Avengers to eventually stop him. But really, Ares isn’t a bad guy. He joined the Avengers and stayed on the team when Norman Osborn was given control, not understanding Osborn’s villainous nature. He was duped into attacking Asgard, believing it a threat to the U.S. but eventually figured out what was going on and stopped. He’s a good guy that just isn’t that bright.

132. Arkon


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #75 (1970)

Powers: Superhumanly strong (can lift 75 tons), tough, agile and fast. He is a great warlord and leader of the world Polemachus in another dimension.

Biggest victory: Arkon’s world was powered by energy rings that were breaking down. His grand vizier believed it was due to atomic explosions from Earth and Arkon was sent to destroy Earth to save his world. He battled the Avengers in New York, which caused Iron Man and Thor to go to Polemachus and artificially restart the energy rings. So I guess he saved his world in a roundabout way. As soon as he realized his world was safe he stopped fighting and went home.

131. Taskmaster


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1, #195 (1980)

Powers: Photographic reflexes and mimicry allow him to master the fighting styles of a number of the world’s best fighters: Captain America, Iron Fist, Daredevil and more. Olympic level physical conditioning. Expert tactician, strategist and trainer.

Biggest victory: During Norman Osborn’s siege on Asgard, he joined in a battle against Thor and also fought Captain America. He was winning but could tell that the overall battle would be lost so he strategically withdrew, but strengthened his mercenary reputation by being able to go up against Captain America. Because of his mercenary nature, he later worked for the Secret Avengers as a paid employee.

130. Ex Nihilo

ex nihilo

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 5, #1 (2012)

Powers: He is from a race known as Gardeners and has their super-extended lifespan, ability to exhale fire, can control plant life, fire energy blasts, and can transform organic life (rewriting their genetic code).

Biggest victory: Sent an origin bomb to Earth and “evolved” 2 million people. The Avengers rallied against Ex Nihilo but he defeated them all and sent Captain America back to Earth as a warning. Later, a bigger group of Avengers battled him and they came to an understanding that he could do whatever he wanted to Mars as long as he left Earth alone. He would later assist the Avengers against the cosmic threat of the Builders.

129. Max Eisenhardt (Magneto)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #53 (1968)

Powers: Can control magnetism on a massive scale. Genius-level intellect. Military training.

Biggest victory: Used his powers to threaten the Earth’s magnetic spin, leading to the United Nations agreeing to his demands for a nation for mutants like Magneto. He successfully acquired Genosha and battled the Avengers to further enhance his powers. Of course, most of his villainous campaigns have been against the X-Men, not the Avengers, and he’s currently reformed. His goals have always been to protect fellow mutants.

128. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

scarlet witch

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #500 (2004)

Powers: Can control chaos magic that basically allows her to change probability or reality, sometimes on massive scales.

Biggest victory: Wanda is a long-time Avenger but she’s also gone crazy and kinda hurt the team in big ways. Alternate realities, eliminating mutants, inadvertently helping the Apocalypse Twins. But her biggest blow was probably breaking the Avengers up during Avengers Disassembled. It led to Hawkeye dying and a lot of other crappy stuff. The only reason she’s so low on the list is she didn’t really mean to cause trouble and has saved the world with the Avengers. But her powers are scary powerful.

127. Dragon Man

dragon man

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #42 (1967)

Powers: A synthetic being with strength enough to lift 100 tons. 7 foot long tail can be whipped at speeds up to 130 mph. Flight. Durability – invulnerable to most weapons, extreme pressures and temperatures. Fire breath. Originally programmed with intelligence no greater than a dog. More recently, captured by the Avengers and handed over to the Fantastic Four who upgraded his intelligence to genius levels. He is now a pacifist.

Biggest victory: While he gave the Avengers trouble whenever he would rampage, Hank Pym used what he learned from Dragon Man to build Ultron and that went poorly.

126. Unspoken


First fought the Avengers: Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 #27 (2009)

Powers: The most powerful of the Inhumans ever, he can literally do anything and is stronger than any other hero. He can increase his mass or create energy swords.

Biggest victory: Upon deciding to become king of the Inhumans, he successfully defeated the combined forces of the New Avengers, Avengers Resistance and Mighty Avengers. Was later defeated by his people’s greatest weapon, the Slave Engine, which artificially aged him and weakened his powers. It was just a one-time battle though and his ultimate goal was to protect his people, the Inhumans. The Avengers allowed him to live out the rest of his days with his followers.

125. Fin Fang Foom

fin fang foom

First fought the Avengers: Avengers vs. Pet Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (2010)

Powers: As an alien Makluan, Fin Fang Foom has incredible strength (can lift 100 tons) and durability. He can also heal quickly. He is essentially a massive dragon. He can shapeshift to human form. He can fly, breath acid mist and has limited telepathy. His spirit can survive his body’s death and possess others, transforming them into a new body for himself.

Biggest victory: Transformed Captain America, Thor and Iron Man into frogs. Convinced the Pet Avengers to help him fight the Avengers when they realized Fin Fang Foom was not trying to attack anyone, just protect his dragon eggs.

124. Samuel Barone (Black Talon)

black talon

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #152 (1976)

Powers: Voodoo master. Can raise the dead as zombies and make them do his will if they are in his vicinity.

Biggest victory: Not getting his dumb ass killed right away by the Avengers? He has teamed up with Grim Reaper and Man-Ape against the Avengers but the only thing of significance he ever did was reviving Wonder Man, who became one of the Avengers’ long-standing teammates. Way to go.

123. Ulysses Lugman (The Slug)

the slug

First fought the Avengers: 

Powers: He’s a crimelord. He’s so fat that he smothers his enemies in his rolls of fat.

Biggest victory: The Slug was a crimelord and eventually joined The Hood’s gang. When the Hood went to prison, Slug sold footage of the Hood’s assault on Tigra and her mother for broadcast on the Internet, hoping to buy a ticket out of the country. And that’s the only thing he did against the Avengers outside of being part of the Hood’s gang, who will all get grouped together under The Hood.

122. Wilbur Day (Stilt-Man), Plantman, Water Wizard (with Wrecker)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #19 (1990)

Powers: Stilt-Man has a suit of armor with legs that can make him go up pretty high. Plantman can control vegetable matter. Water Wizard can control liquids within 500 feet of him but gets fatigued after half an hour. Wrecker has Asguardian magic empowering him to be as strong as Thor.

Biggest victory: They tried to attack the Avengers Mansion but the Avengers were out on a more important mission and their construction workers defeated the team. I guess their biggest victory was in not dying of humiliation. They tried to be dangerous.

121. Split-Second Squad

split-second squad

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #77 (1970)

Powers: An organized team of bank robbers that successfully robbed banks.

Biggest victory: Not getting captured by the Avengers who spoiled one of their first heists.

120. Sons of the Serpent

sons of the serpent

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #32 (1966)

Powers: A big bunch of racists who had guns and knives.

Biggest victory: Successfully kidnapped Captain America and demanded that the Avengers take their side in their hate crimes across America. They were later defeated by the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. but they did kidnap the Avengers leader. Guess we have to give them that.

119. Pacific Overlords/Dr. Demonicus

dr demonicus

First fought the Avengers: Avengers West Coast Vol. 1 #70 (1991)

Powers: Dr. Demonicus is a brilliant geneticist. His suit somehow keeps his skin cancer from killing him. He sometimes leads a team called the Pacific Overlords full of henchmen that he’s made either with genetic engineering (Pele) or cybernetics (Cybertooth).

Biggest victory: Dr. Demonicus kept the Avengers occupied battling the Pacific Overlords while he raised part of the ocean floor. He claimed this as a sovereign nation called Demonica which was recognized by the United Nations and the Avengers were stopped from interfering. He later got his dumbass captured and arrested in the U.S.

118. Maxwell Markham (Grizzly), Edward Whelan (Vermin), Jerome Beechman (Madrill)


First fought the Avengers: They more just appeared threatening in Avengers Academy Vol. 1 #3 (2010)

Powers: Grizzly wears a bear suit and can lift about 15 tons. He also has claws. Vermin is agile, fairly strong (can lift about 1,000 lbs.) and has keen senses. He can also talk to rats. Mandrill can lift about 2,700 lbs., is fast and agile, and can secrete pheromones that can make women within 250 feet of him very submissive.

Biggest victory: Hank Pym took some Avengers students to prison as part of a “Scared Straight” program and showed them these three. It helped keep the trainees on the straight and narrow.

117. John Horton (Griffin)


First fought the Avengers: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #78 (1979)

Powers: Genetically altered to resemble a griffin. Able to lift 90 pounds. Can fly about 160 mph. Fangs, claws, tail. Can mentally control birds.

Biggest victory: Despite losing to the Avengers in a pair of fights, was still offered a job by The Hood.

116. Arthur Goddard (Headlok)


First fought the Avengers: West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #10 (1986)

Powers: Can mentally control one individual at a time. Very physically weak.

Biggest victory: Attacked the West Coast Avengers by controlling Griffin. Briefly controlled Wonder Man and made him fight Iron Man. His plan was to trick the Avengers into an ambush by having Griffin tell them he knew where the Thing was, who they wanted to offer membership to. Unknown to Headlok, Thing was coincidentally in the vicinity and knocked him out.

115. Super Adaptoid/Adaptoids

super adaptoid

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #45 (1967)

Powers: Super Adaptoid was a robot built by AIM with a portion of the Cosmic Cube. He can duplicate the look and powers of any superhuman being he sees. Adaptoids were a team created by AIM to explore the universe.

Biggest victory: Once, he assembled a team of robots that he called Heavy Metal. It included Machine Man, Awesome Android, Sentry 459 and TESS-One. But they didn’t accomplish much. In fact, Machine Man joined the Avengers.

114. Mortimer Toynbee (Toad)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #53 (1968)

Powers: Superhuman leaping, prehensile tongue, pheromones, acidic saliva, paralytic resin, superhuman lung capacity, healing factor, UV/Infrared vision, flexible bone structure, ability to communicate and control amphibian life, expert machinist.

Biggest victory: The Stranger attacked the Avengers during a recruitment drive and hospitalized the Wasp. Later, the Avengers caught up and beat up the Stranger only to learn it was the Toad in disguise. He attacked the Avengers because he was mad that Scarlet Witch never went on a date with him when they both worked for Magneto. Get over it, dude.

113. Herman Schultz (Shocker)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #228 (1983)

Powers: Has Vibro-Shock gauntlets that throw blasts of air vibrated at an intense frequency. Basically force blasts. Gifted engineer.

Biggest victory: As part of the Masters of Evil led by Egghead, helped break Hank Pym out of court and framed it as though the former Ant-Man was working with the villains. Caused a little bit of a hassle that way.

112. Elihas Starr (Egghead)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #228 (1983)

Powers: Smart.

Biggest victory: Organized a version of the Masters of Evil to kidnap Hank Pym during a trial and make him look guilty. Quickly found out by the Avengers, though, and when he tried to shoot Pym in the back, Hawkeye shot an arrow down the barrel of his gun which misfired and killed Egghead. So in a way, he made Hawkeye look bad for a while to the rest of the Avengers.

111. Flaming Sword with Firebrand

flaming sword

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #0 (1999)

Powers: Eco-terrorists armed with guns who also hired the Iron Man villain Firebrand (transformed into a being of pure plasma who can fly and shoot plasma).

Biggest victory: In their only appearance, they kidnapped an Osborn Chemical executive and demanded over the news that Osborn stop polluting third world nations. The Avengers defeated them quickly but at least they got their message out.

110. Enclave


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #12 (1983)

Powers: A small group of genius scientists with no morals. By selling some technology to HYDRA, they have been able to hire a mercenary army to back them up.

Biggest victory: Against the Avengers? Not much. They only interacted twice. One time their plane crashed in Jamaica Bay. Unknown to the Avengers, it was carrying a cocoon with Jean Grey of the X-Men. The Enclave were arrested but successfully didn’t divulge their cargo, which I guess would have got them in more trouble.

109. Circus of Crime

circus of crime

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #22 (1965)

Powers: No superpowers, just a circus that wants to steal money. The Ringmaster is good at hypnotism. There’s a strongman and some acrobats. A lady with a trained python. A cowboy for some reason. A human cannonball. An asshole clown.

Biggest victory: They encountered the Avengers once. The team was publicly disbanded in an attempt to draw a bad guy out of hiding. Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver joined a circus which just happened to be the Circus of Crime. The gang realized who the Avengers were and called the police on the three heroes, claiming they tried to rob the circus. It made the Avengers leave.

108. Franz Gruber

franz gruber

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #6 (1964)

Powers: Personal pilot of Baron Heinrich Zemo.

Biggest victory: Against the Avengers? Not much. He was just Baron Zemo’s right hand man in two battles of the Masters of Evil vs. the Avengers but he mostly stuck to the background and just didn’t get caught. Still, the Masters of Evil gave the Avengers a run for their money and he was part of the team, technically. He later pretended to be Baron Zemo and invaded Wakanda but it’s hard to call that any sort of victory because Black Panther and Captain America stopped him pretty fast and his own troops shot him to death when they realized he wasn’t really Zemo.

107. Dominus & The Desert Dwellers

desert dwellers

First fought the Avengers: West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #17 (1987)

Powers: Dominus is just some guy who the aliens called The Arcane use as their channel on Earth. His mission is to conquer Earth. He leads a team called the Desert Dwellers consisting of Sunstroke (can blast heat waves or blinding flashes), Butte (a lady made of rock), Cactus (can regenerate his vegetable body or fire his needles), and Gila (human/gila hybrid with claws and teeth).

Biggest victory: One time they mildly bothered the West Coast Avengers who were looking for a teammate in the desert.

106. Elements of Doom

elements of doom

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #188 (1979)

Powers: A group of 109 aliens that have formed bodies based on elements from the Periodic Table.

Biggest victory: Attacked a Russian nuclear facility. The Avengers easily beat them but the reactor went critical and had to be buried in concrete.

105. Harbinger of the Apocalypse

harbinger of the apocalypse

First fought the Avengers: Cable Vol. 1 #67 (1999)

Powers: Can adapt to any attack. Gained the ability to fly, teleport and use superhuman strength when battling the Avengers and Cable. Has a bomb inside him powerful enough to destroy a city.

Biggest victory: Not much. Apocalypse activated his bomb but Cable stopped it with Iron Man’s suit and dropped him in the Atlantic Ocean where he exploded.

104. Lava Men

lava men

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #5 (1964)

Powers: Can withstand high temperatures and raise their own temperature enough to melt metal in their vicinity. A subrace of Golden Lava Men can shapeshift and even merge together.

Biggest victory: In their only battle against the Avengers, they pushed a living rock to the Earth that would destroy all human life and allow the Lava Men to take over. But Hulk showed up and destroyed it with a punch.

103. Noah Black (Doc Century)

doc century

First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (2004)

Powers: Super smart. Built an evolutionizer device that gave him enhanced strength (up to 2 tons), speed (can run up to 75 mph, briefly), durability (invulnerable to small gunfire), and enhanced healing.

Biggest victory: Despite operating against the Avengers as part of The Hood’s gang, was given the opportunity to join Luke Cage’s trial Thunderbolts team, where villains were allowed an opportunity to reform.

102. Imus Champion

imus champion

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #109 (1973)

Powers: Fifth richest man in the world. Master of martial arts. Has purchased a lot of high tech equipment including armor and weapons.

Biggest victory: Paid Hawkeye’s favorite charity $1 million to get Hawkeye to train him in archery. Apparently mastered it instantly because he then challenged Hawkeye to a contest and if Hawkeye lost, Imus would set off bombs along the San Andreas fault line to drop California into the ocean. He DID beat Hawkeye but then the Avengers beat him up.

101. Bruno Horgan (Melter)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #6 (1964)

Powers: Competent electrical engineer that built a melting ray gun (mostly by accident because his radar system malfunctioned and melted iron).

Biggest victory: He never accomplished much against the Avengers when he was part of the Masters of Evil, other than not dying. But he did once kidnap just Tony Stark and force him to build him a far superior version of his melting gun.

100. Mac Gargan (Scorpion/Venom)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #222 (1982)

Powers: Has a suit with a big tail that can sting people and the suit also gives him enough strength to lift about 15 tons.

Biggest victory: Fought the Avengers exactly once as Egghead’s version of the Masters of Evil. Quickly defeated. For a time he had Venom’s powers and these days he has an upgraded Scorpion suit. But he’s mostly a Spider-Man villain.

99. Tanya Sealy (Black Mamba)

black mamba

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #274 (1986)

Powers: Can control the Darkforce, an other-dimensional black energy. She uses it to constrict people. It’s unknown how strong it is but it has held The Thing. She can also use it to disguise herself. She has some hypnosis power. Can breathe underwater. Good pilot. Decent hand-to-hand combatant.

Biggest victory: As part of the Masters of Evil, lured a drunk Hercules into an ambush where he was beaten into a coma.

98. Ultimo


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #1 (1967)

Powers: Robot built by aliens that Mandarin controls. Can absorb and project energy. Adapts to past experiences so that old techniques won’t work a second time. Superhumanly strong (can lift around 100 tons). Can rebuild himself.

Biggest victory: Frequently battled Iron Man but only went up against the Avengers once. He and Living Laser battled Hawkeye and Thor but lost. But that was early on and he’s come back stronger each time.

97. Maxwell Dillon (Electro)


First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (2004)

Powers: Lightning bolt projection and general ability to suck electrical energy and use it to electrocute, propulsion along electromagnetic lines, sense electricity and so on.

Biggest victory: He was hired by Brainchild to break Sauron out of prison but Electro went way beyond that by staging the largest prison breakout ever, freeing all the supervillains from the special jail The Raft. That kept the Avengers very busy.

96. Sentinels


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #103 (1972)

Powers: Massive robots that can fly and project various weapons. Normally programmed to detect and capture or kill mutants.

Biggest victory: Onslaught had his minion Dark Beast reprogram an army of Sentinels to cut off Manhattan from the outside world when he attacked. The Sentinels kept the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men busy while Onslaught could go after Nate Summers and Franklin Richards. So they basically accomplished their job to slow down the heroes.

95. Red Ronin

red ronin

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #198 (1980)

Powers: A massive robot (102′ tall) with enough strength to lift 100 tons. Superhumanly durable and fast. Can fly at subsonic speeds. Has a solar powered sword and a pulsating shield that can fire a laser equal to 100 pounds of TNT.

Biggest victory: It was once used by Henry Peter Gyrich to lure the Avengers into a battle with the Thunderbolts, so mission accomplished.

94. Samuel Sterns (The Leader)


First fought the Avengers: Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #283 (1983)

Powers: Vastly increased intelligence, ability to control those with weak minds, limited telekinetic abilities, ability to blast gamma radiation.

Biggest victory: Mostly went up against the Hulk, but one time the Avengers helped Hulk when he had Bruce Banner’s intelligence. They tracked Leader to an orbiting satellite base but he built a time machine that threw the Avengers across time and escaped.

93. Rocketeers/Dire Wraiths

dire wraiths

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 2 #244 (1984)

Powers: Dire Wraiths are a race of Skrulls that the Celestials (space gods) experimented on long ago and created a Deviant race of them. Dire Wraiths are experts at sorcery. They also retain some shapeshifting ability and are more scientifically advanced than humans.

Biggest victory: They really only went up against the Avengers once. They were disguised as human terrorists called Rocketeers and attempted to sabotage NASA’s space program. The Avengers stopped them. If they have any victory over the Avengers at all, it’s the fallout from this. S.H.I.E.L.D. was assigned to find any further Dire Wraith impostors instead of the Avengers and Vision didn’t like that so he briefly took over all the world’s computers. He quickly realized he was malfunctioning and stopped but the government came after him and dismantled him.

92. Ferrel Thompson (The Manipulator) and Deathweb


First fought the Avengers: Avengers West Coast Vol. 1 #85 (1992)

Powers: The Manipulator can control those that he is able to touch. He’s good at surveillance and manipulation. The Deathweb were three people he controlled as his henchmen. Arachne could make webbing and neuro toxin. Therak was really strong (could lift around 75 tons). Antro could teleport over small distances and wore a suit of armor.

Biggest victory: Tried to blackmail the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman into working for him. Fought with her team, the West Coast Avengers. Murdered Julia’s ex-husband just before being captured.

91. Nathan Garrett (Black Knight)

black knight

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #6 (1964)

Powers: Built a suit of armor that could withstand small arms fire. Genetically engineered a horse to have wings. It could carry up to 270 pounds and fly about 50 mph. He made a power lance that could fire a concussive blast, ionic energy, or a thermal beam. It could also shoot out a bolo or a lasso. He also had a paralyzer pistol that shot gas that could knock someone out.

Biggest victory: His horse came and broke him out of prison once.

90. Ixar/Ultrana/Ultroids


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #36 (1967)

Powers: Ixar is an alien warlord. Ultrana led the Ultroids, a robot army, for Ixar.

Biggest victory: The Ultroids defeated the Avengers. The Avengers escaped but Ixar absorbed all the Ultroids’ power and defeated the Avengers again. It was only when Black Widow threatened the life of some Eastern European mayor whose life was somehow connected to Ixar that they quit and flew away.

89. M’Baku (Man-Ape)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #62 (1969)

Powers: Skilled warrior. Mystically powered up to have heightened durability, reflexes and stamina. Can lift up to 10 tons.

Biggest victory: Challenged Black Panther to a fight and actually won.

88. Mary MacPherran (Titania)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #270 (1986)

Powers: A regular person altered by Doctor Doom’s mutagenic work to become insanely strong and durable. She can lift about 100 tons and is a decent street fighter.

Biggest victory: She’s pretty much never won a fight but marrying her boyfriend, The Absorbing Man, in between all their heists and attacks has got to count as some sort of personal victory. And she’s still very dangerous.

87. Todd Arliss (Tiger Shark)

tiger shark

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #222 (1982)

Powers: A human Olympian swimmer that had Atlantean DNA grafted onto him, Tiger Shark can swim up to 60 mph and lift up to 75 tons when wet. He has razor sharp teeth and claws. He can heal rapidly.

Biggest victory: Was part of Zemo’s Masters of Evil that defeated the Avengers in their mansion, trashed it, put Hercules in a coma and seriously injured butler Jarvis. Tiger Shark was part of the team, but he didn’t do any of that cool stuff that was mentioned.

86. Jackson Day (The Corruptor)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #6 (1998)

Powers: Mind-control. By touching a person, The Corruptor releases a psychoactive chemical through his sweat. Depending on the amount of physical contact, the Corruptor can control the person for half an hour up to 24 hours at a time. He can affect more than one person at a time but the limit is unknown.

Biggest victory: Later joined Hood’s gang but on his own, he once caused the Squadron Supreme to battle the Avengers. It caused some property damage.

85. Father/Descendants/Yuriko Oyama (Lady Deathstrike) and the Reavers


First fought the Avengers: Secret Avengers Vol. 1 #22 (2012)

Powers: They’re all cyborgs. The Reavers basically have a bunch of guns and they’re hard to permanently put down because they can get repaired. Lady Deathstrike’s bones are laced with adamantium and she has adamantium fingernail claws. Lady Deathstrike also has a healing upgrade and is immune to telepathic assaults. Father is a scientist who created advanced robots and cybernetics, which he termed Descendants. He recruited Deathstrike and the Reavers into this team.

Biggest victory: Launched a nano-mist to transform humans in the main cities of the world into cyborgs. While the Secret Avengers ultimately stopped them and wiped out the Descendants, Father claims one survived. Following the mission, Hawkeye disbanded the team. So that’s sort of a victory.

84. Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #10 (1981)

Powers: Mystique is a shapeshifter. Rogue can steal powers and memories on contact. Avalanche can cause seismic activity. Pyro can control flame. Destiny is clairvoyant. Blob can increase his mass and has super-strength.

Biggest victory: Only fought the Avengers once and had the upper hand briefly. But just before that, Rogue stole Ms. Marvel’s powers.

83. Zebediah Killgrave (Purple Man)

purple man

First fought the Avengers: Alias Vol. 1 #26 (2003)

Powers: Exudes pheromones that allow him to mentally control people. He’s been shown to control up to 100 people at once. The process that changed his body and granted him his powers also gave him increased healing abilities.

Biggest victory: Mentally controlled Jessica Jones for months, shortly after she debuted as the superhero Jewel. While she was brainwashed, the Avengers fought her (not knowing she was being mind-controlled) and put her into a coma. Purple Man escaped and Jessica suffered from PTSD and gave up being a superhero forever.

82. Ulysses Klaw


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #54 (1968)

Powers: Sound generation. He can deafen anyone within half a mile. He can generate concussive force equal to 3,000 pounds of TNT. Somehow he can also create solid creations of sound, including complex ones like animals. He is himself a being of solid sound and therefore nearly indestructible. He is superhumanly strong, able to lift up to 5 tons. He is also a brilliant physicist and engineer, with expertise in sonics.

Biggest victory: Escaped from custody and freed a bunch of his Masters of Evil buddies. He also killed Black Panther’s father, which is admittedly pre-Avengers but is a pretty solid victory for a bad guy.

81. Bentley Wittman (The Wizard)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #235 (1983)

Powers: Genius-level intellect specializing in physics, sub-atomic particles and alternate dimensions. Has create a suit of armor with a powerful force field, gauntlets that can fire energy blasts, and anti-gravity discs that allow him to fly.

Biggest victory: Just constantly getting out of jail and failing upwards. He’s never really won any of his battles, but he was invited to join top-tier supervillains for the Acts of Vengeance plan where villains fought each other’s enemies and joined The Hood’s gang.

80. Giuletta Nefaria (Madame Masque)

madame masque

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #31 (2000)

Powers: Expert martial artist and marksman. Excellent with disguises. Brilliant tactition.

Biggest victory: Became The Hood’s number two.

79. Arthur Parks (Living Laser)

living laser

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #34 (1966)

Powers: He is literally a collection of photons with a human consciousness. He can travel at the speed of light or shoot lasers, the power of which has yet to be measured.

Biggest victory: Used light imagery to trick Whizzer into fighting the Avengers.

78. Paul Norbert Ebersol (Fixer)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273 (1986)

Powers: Genius-level inventor of weapons and technology. Wears a “tech pack” that can configure itself into new weapons on Fixer’s mental command.

Biggest victory: Used the chaos of his team The Thunderbolts and the Avengers fighting against a crazy Moonstone to just give up fighting and escape.

77. Paul Duval (Grey Gargoyle)

grey gargoyle

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #190 (1979)

Powers: Can transform himself into granite-like form while retaining his flexibility. Stone-like resistance and durability. Superhuman strength (can lift up to 11 tons). Can leap up to 20 feet and even fly a little bit. Can transform anything he touches to stone (up to 10 cubic feet) and it will remain stone for one hour.

Biggest victory: In his first battle with the Avengers (Beast, Captain America, Falcon, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp) he actually defeats them and runs away. They later catch him but he still defeated some powerful Avengers.

76. Reptyl and Primo


First fought the Avengers: Avengers: Celestial Quest Vol. 1 #2 (2001)

Powers: Reptyl is fast, tough, and agile. Can lift up to 100 tons. Flies at the speed of sound. Fires cosmic energy blasts. Leads some space pirates. Thanos absorbed the life force of all of Primo’s ship crew and elevated Primo to a god who had fire powers. Primo was shortly killed by a cosmic force known as the Rot.

Biggest victory: Killed a bunch of Eternals and defeated the Avenger Starfox.

75. Space Phantoms

space phantom

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #2 (1963)

Powers: Can assume the form of objects or people, and those objects are stored in Limbo. Space Phantoms gain the superpowers of people they send to Limbo.

Biggest victory: The first encounter with a Space Phantom involved him changing into various Avengers, causing them to fight and distrust one another. It led to Hulk leaving the team because he felt they didn’t trust him.

74. Taneleer Tivan (The Collector)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #28 (1966)

Powers: Immortal. Wears armor that allows him to fly. Can channel cosmic energy into energy blasts. Can travel through time for short jumps. Has a small amount of precognition.

Biggest victory: Keeps trying to collect Avengers. He’s caught a bunch of them a few times but can’t catch them all and loses ’em. Still, he’s essentially a god so he also can’t be beaten.

73. Leonard Tippit

leonard tippit

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #101 (1972)

Powers: Teleportation. Energy blasts. Could disrupt Vision while he was intangible.

Biggest victory: Given a vision of the future where five good individuals would inadvertently doom the human race to war, Leonard successfully kills each of them even with the Avengers protecting them.

72. Martin Preston (Master Pandemonium)

master pandemonium

First fought the Avengers: West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #4 (1986)

Powers: Had all four limbs replaced by actual demons by Mephisto. Each demon can call forth lesser demons to fight for Master Pandemonium. He can also summon Azmodeus, a demon in the form of a human-sized red eagle.

Biggest victory: Mephisto lied to Preston and told him that Preston’s soul had been destroyed and scattered into five pieces. Preston collected the pieces but they were actually part of Mephisto’s power, which had been scattered by Franklin Richards. In a weird, magic-y part of the story, Pandemonium claimed 2 parts of his soul were Scarlet Witch and Vision’s children, created by chaos magic. That helped make her go crazy.

71. Modred


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #185 (1979)

Powers: Expert sorcerer, powered by the ancient god Ch’thon. Telepathy, flight, teleportation, illusions, control of the elements, mystical energy blasts, accelerated healing, ability to lift twice his body weight, ability to cast spells from the Darkhold tome of mystical spells.

Biggest victory: Defeated Scarlet Witch in a magical battle and allowed Ch’thon to possess her body. Together, they defeated the Avengers but Quicksilver was able to help Scarlet Witch regain her body.

70. Plan Chu (Golden Claw)

plan chu

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #204 (1981)

Powers: Can project minor illusions to persuade people’s minds. Genius biochemist. Expert martial artist. Some knowledge of sorcery. Wears body armor that gives him superhuman strength (once fought Vision who can lift 50 tons).

Biggest victory: Came close to infecting the world with sterility spores while he and several kidnapped women were safe in his hideout. He intended to have them father his children and then make the kids fight to the death so that he had a “perfect” heir. The Avengers stopped him and caused his spacecraft to crash, and assumed he was dead. He wasn’t.

69. Morgan le Fay

morgan le fay

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #240 (1984)

Powers: Master of sorcery including spells from Darkhold and Celtic spells. Natural affinity for magical forces. Can cast illusions or operate as a spirit on the astral plane. Virtually immortal as she can control her spirit separate from her body. Can cast energy blasts, fly and change her form to other people or animals.

Biggest victory: Gathered the Norse norn stones and reshaped reality, turning all of the Avengers into her private army in a medieval world. It was only her eventual complacency which allowed her to miss that Scarlet Witch summoned Wonder Man’s ionic body back from the dead that led to her downfall.

68. Hydra/Hydra Four (led at times by Baron von Strucker or Viper)

hydra four

First fought the Avengers: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #519 (2005)

Powers: Four Hydra agents outfitted to be duplicates of Avengers. Bowman has trick arrows. Militant has Captain America’s shield (but isn’t as strong and fast). Tactical has an Iron Man-like suit with repulsor rays. Hammer has a high-tech hammer that can emit EMP pulses and be thrown and return to his hand.

Biggest victory: Believe it or not, Hydra really hasn’t ever gone up against the Avengers except for one significant time. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and other Hydra leaders have gone after SHIELD and Captain America but sent the Hydra Four against the New Avengers. Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine and Captain America defeated them. Hydra has never gone away and has vast resources so they COULD be a threat. They just haven’t. Supreme Hydra ordered tubes one through four opened, implying they may have more evil Avengers.

67. Zodiac Cartel (including Jacob Fury/Scorpio and Cornelius van Lunt/Taurus)

zodiac cartel

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #72 (1970)

Powers: Most of the cartel were normal humans with no superpowers. Instead, all 12 members of the cartel are titans of industry or criminal masterminds who control a different city in the U.S. and coordinate larger plans with one another. Cancer had powerful pincer arms, Gemini could use his twin brother’s strength to double his own, Libra was psychic and an expert martial artist, Taurus wore hard metal horns and had a badass mustache. It was financed and established by businessman Cornelius van Lunt who also secretly served as Taurus. None of the members knew each other’s true identities. The original Scorpio was Nick Fury’s brother, Jacob. The Zodiac Cartel did share a powerful otherdimensional weapon called the Zodiac Key that could shoot energy blasts.

Biggest victory: Their biggest victory is not being noticed by the Avengers most of the time and secretly carrying on their business. They have confronted the Avengers a few times, though. Once, Nick Fury impersonated Scorpio and captured the Avengers, then freed them once the Zodiac assembled, so that they could be arrested together. But it pretty much failed completely and all of the Zodiac escaped.

66. Brock Rumlow (Crossbones)


First fought the Avengers: Fear Itself: The Fearless #7 (2012)

Powers: One of the world’s best hand-to-hand combatants and an expert marksman. Peak human physical condition.

Biggest victory: While he didn’t go up against the Avengers themselves, his biggest victory had to be assassinating his long-time foe and Avengers leader Captain America while he was in police custody following Civil War.

65. Typhon


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #49 (1968)

Powers: One of the Titans of Olympus. He had superhuman strength (could lift up to 100 tons). Immortal. Invulnerable.

Biggest victory: In his first battle against the Avengers, he sent all the Olympian gods to the Land of Shades, including Avengers member Hercules. He then wreaked havoc on Earth, defeating the Avengers. Ultimately, Zeus was able to send Hercules to Earth where he won the rematch fight.

64. Sons of Satannish/Surtur/Ymir

ymir surtur

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #61 (1969)

Powers: The Sons of Satannish are a group of sorcerers who serve the evil demon Satannish. Surtur is a Fire Giant from Muspelheim, older than even Odin. Made of living flame. Able to control and generate fire. As powerful as Odin (able to lift 100 tons). Prophesied to create the Twilight sword and end the Norse Gods in Ragnarok. Ymir is the progenitor of the Ice Giants and Frost Giants from Niffleheim. Just like Surtur, he’s older and more powerful than Odin but with ice powers.

Biggest victory: Against the Avengers? None, really. The Sons of Satannish brought Surtur and Ymir to Earth but Dr. Strange and the Avengers made them hit each other and that made them go back home. Surtur appeared in the South Pole and didn’t really affect anything but Ymir appeared in Wakanda and caused a lot of destruction to Black Panther’s land.

63. Cletus Kasady/Carnage


First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 1 #2 (2004)

Powers: Able to lift up to 80 tons. Can cling to walls and generate webbing to swing like Spider-Man. Fast and agile. Can generate tentacles or blades with his body. Can camouflage himself with different clothes or faces. Can heal fast and is immune to any Earthly disease.

Biggest victory: For a time, Carnage infected the entire town of Doverton, Colorado and controlled the city, defeating Avengers members Thing, Captain America and Hawkeye.

62. Ivan Kragoff (Red Ghost)

red ghost

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #12 (1965)

Powers: Can become intangible or turn into mist. Can turn invisible. Controls three super-apes that obey him and have super powers.

Biggest victory: Briefly worked for the Mole Man and in a battle against the Avengers, saved a number of his Moloid people.

61. Sergei Krylov (Presence)/Tania Belinskaya (Starlight)

the presence

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #43

Powers: Can generate and manipulate nuclear energy. With this he can give himself augmented strength, stamina and durability, force blasts, flight, energy constructs, telepathy, mind control and survival in space. He is a genius-level inventor. Starlight can also generate and manipulate nuclear energy. She uses this energy for powerful blasts, flight and heat shields.

Biggest victory: Presence once began to implement a plan to transform all Russians into a type of zombie with a hive mind. Ultimately, Thor was able to absorb his energy into his hammer and Starlight surrendered her and her partner to the authorities.

60. David Cannon (Whirlwind)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #46 (1967)

Powers: Mutant who can spin up to 400 revolutions per minute without feeling any adverse effects. Can move up to 50 mph in a straight line for up to 30 minutes. Can fly. Superhuman reflexes and balance. Can generate winds to create force fields, tornadoes or concussive blasts of wind.

Biggest victory: Created a false identity and got hired as Wasp’s chauffeur, then gained entrance to Avengers Mansion. Trapped Ant-Man and Wasp in an ant colony and set a time bomb. Eluded Quicksilver as he escaped the Mansion.

59. Esteban Corazon de Ablo (Diablo)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #42 (1967)

Powers: A master of alchemy, his potions grant him extended life (he was born in the 19th century and essentially has not aged). He can use his alchemy to transform his appearance, transmute materials, control the elements, form creatures from the elements and cause materials to explode. He is also a gifted hypnotist and has genius-level intelligence.

Biggest victory: Created a creature made out of Vibranium named Baru. His mission was to destroy the Elements of Doom, aliens made out of the elements. He succeeded and escaped the Avengers afterwards.

58. Shadow Council

shadow council

First fought the Avengers: Secret Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (2010)

Powers: A secret cabal whose mysterious goals apparently involve destroying society. Led by Aloysius Thorndrake, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War who found a portal to Mars and somehow unlocked strange cosmic mysteries, compelling him to form the council. He is still alive and well today, with access to advanced technology.

Biggest victory: Assembled the 9th and by far the largest Masters of Evil team: Max Fury who is a rogue Life Model Decoy (robot) of Nick Fury, Baron Helmut Zemo, Anachronism, Bi-Beast, Black Talon, Brothers Grimm, Carrion, Constrictor, Crossfire, Cullen Bloodstone, Daimon Hellstrom, Diablo, Eel, Firebrand, Griffin, Hazmat, Killer Shrike, Lady Stilt-Man, Lascivious, Letha, Madame Masque, Madcap, Miss Coriander, Nico Minoru, Morg, Pink Pearl, Porcupine, Princess Python, Ringer, Satannish, Snot, Squid, Tinkerer, Vengeance, Whiplash, Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Alex Wilder, Black Knight, Coat of Arms, Death Locket, Egghead, Enchantress, Excavator, Executioner, Mako, Melter, Mudbug, Radioactive Kid, Chase Stein.

57. Marcus Daniels (Blackout)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273

Powers: Could control massive amounts of black energy from the Darkforce dimension, forming powerful objects or restraining foes. Could stand on Darkforce discs and fly up to 50 mph. He could use the Darkforce to form concussive blasts or envelope people in the substance and transport them to the Darkforce dimension.

Biggest victory: During the Masters of Evil invasion of Avengers Mansion, Blackout covered the Mansion in Darkforce, not allowing anyone in or out. This led to Hercules and Jarvis getting seriously injured and the Mansion destroyed.

56. U-Foes


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #304 (1989)

Powers: The U-Foes were four scientists who tried to duplicate what happened to the Fantastic Four in order to gain power. Simon Utrecht became Vector, with powerful telekinesis including the ability to fly. Ann Darnell became Vapor, who can change into any known gas. Jimmy Darnell became X-Ray, able to expel radiation, fly, and turn invisible and intangible. Michael Steel became Ironclad, comprised of living metal. He is super strong and can control his density so that he’s as heavy as a mountain or able to float in the air.

Biggest victory: Though they’ve fought the Avengers a couple of times, they rarely made much of an impact. However, Norman Osborn did use them to provoke a fight with the Asgardian Vostagg. In the process the Chicago Bears stadium was destroyed which gave Osborn the excuse he needed to send his government-sanctioned superheroes to lay siege to Asgard, leading to a war that involved the Avengers.

55. Gouzar


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 4 #32 (2012)

Powers: Has a centaur-like body and is the tyrant who rules the entire Microverse (a realm that can only be accessed by shrinking really, really small).

Biggest victory: The Avengers accidentally entered his realm and they caused plenty of damage to his armies but ultimately, all they could do was escape. He is still firmly in charge of the Microverse when Wasp visits a second time.

54. Nebula


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #257 (1985)

Powers: Space pirate with cybernetic enhancements. She can lift at least 25 tons and is very durable. She is an expert strategist and commands her own crew of 10,000. Expert hand-to-hand combatant.

Biggest victory: For a brief moment, she controlled the Infinity Gauntlet and was completely omnipotent. That’s gotta feel good.

53. Arcade


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Arena Vol. 1 #1 (2012)

Powers: Genius-level IQ with an expertise in mechanics, architecture and applied technology. Uses this to put superheroes in killer amusement parks and protect himself with robots or advanced weapons.

Biggest victory: Kidnapped 16 of the Avengers Academy students without the Avengers finding out (made them think they dropped out). Made them fight one another to the death. Eight died. The rest were pretty traumatized.

52. Jonathan Tremont/Lord Templar/Pagan


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #13 (1999)

Powers: Jonathan Tremont and his two brothers were exposed to a virus as children. His brothers died but Tremont absorbed their spirits. Later, he discovered a cosmic shard of light that allowed him to release his brothers as Lord Templar and Pagan. Templar could summon three avatar warriors that each had an attribute: speed, stamina and strength. Pagan was super strong. Tremont built a secret religious order called the Triune Understanding. Tremont could also sense a future threat to Earth – The Triple Evil.

Biggest victory: Temporarily discredited the Avengers with attacks from Pagan and Lord Templar and the Triune Understanding’s PR efforts.

51. Eshu (Master of the World)

master of the world

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 3 #45 (2001)

Powers: A 4,000-year old man who came across a crashed Plodex (alien) spaceship. He is able to mentally control the ship, giving him access to advanced technology. He wears an armored suit that keeps him from aging. His suit also gives him superhuman strength. He can absorb, channel and direct energy. He can control Plodex wolves.

Biggest victory: Had his Plodex wolves abduct tons of world leaders during the chaos of an invasion from Kang. He appeared to die but secretly started the Unity Party that was elected into controlling Canada.

50. Hathor-Sekhmet

hathor sekhmet

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #112 (1973)

Powers: An Egyptian warrior god, the Lion God, who requires a human host. A powerful hand-to-hand combatant who prefers to use Egyptian-style Khopesh swords. Can summon lions out of thin air. Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, healing.

Biggest victory: Kidnapped Black Panther to learn the secrets of the Panther God but the Avengers and Thor saved him. But Hathor-Sekhmet is a god who can’t really be destroyed easily so he’s come back. The fight with the Avengers caused Black Widow to doubt her value to the team so she quit.

49. Proctor and the Gatherers


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #344 (1992)

Powers: A version of Black Knight (Dane Whitman, an Avengers member) who went insane when his fellow Avenger Sersi eventually broke up with him, he possesses Black Knight’s cursed Ebony Blade and allowed himself to go mad with its power. By killing Sersi and other heroes in his world, he gained cosmic power that allows him to cross into parallel realities. He has gathered a team of Avengers members from other worlds (The Gatherers) who he has convinced that Sersi hurt their world.

Biggest victory: Killed hundreds of Avengers across parallel worlds. Nearly defeated the Avengers in the main world.

48. Skurge (Executioner)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #7 (1964)

Powers: Asgardian with Frost Giant heritage. Grants him superhuman speed, durability, longevity, stamina, speed and strength (can lift 65 tons). Unbreakable helmet. Powerful Bloodaxe weapon that can cut through nearly anything. Expert hand-to-hand combatant.

Biggest victory: Against the Avengers, just being a part of the first Masters of Evil and nearly tricking Thor into fighting the Avengers. But on a personal level, he gave his life holding off all the army of the dead on the bridge of Gjallerbru, preventing them from entering the world of the living. It was pretty badass.

47. Legion of the Unliving

legion of the unliving

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #131 (1975)

Powers: Literally a collection of fallen heroes and villains, resurrected by various means. The first team was formed by Kang using time travel to bring together Frankenstein’s monster, Wonder Man, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Midnight, Ghost and Baron Zemo. The Grandmaster assembled Swordsman, Nighthawk, Dracula, Bucky, Black Knight, Executioner, Terrax, Captain Marvel, Baron Blood, Hyperion, Green Goblin, Drax, Korvac, Red Guardian and Death Adder. Immortus brought together Black Knight, Toro, Swordsman, Grim Reaper, Iron Man 2020, Oort, Left-Winger and Right-Winger. Grim Reaper assembled Baron Zemo, Black Knight, Red Guardian, Nebulon, Amenhotep, Inferno, Count Nefaria, Necrodamus and Star Stalker.

Biggest victory: Grandmaster’s version literally killed all of the Avengers except Captain America and Hawkeye. It was all in service of a wager with Death so she brought the Avengers back to life afterwards.

46. Calvin Zabo (Mr. Hyde)

mr hyde

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273 (1986)

Powers: Genius-level chemist. Designed a formula that mutates his body within 30 seconds, adding 7 inches and 235 pounds of muscle. Superhumanly strong (able to lift up to 70 pounds) and durable. Superhuman stamina. Increased healing ability.

Biggest victory: Part of the Masters of Evil that beat Hercules into a coma and severely injured their butler, Jarvis.

45. Carl Creel (Absorbing Man)

absorbing man

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #183 (1979)

Powers: Can absorb the properties of anything he touches. If he absorbs energy, he can channel and fire it. He can increase his strength up to lifting 100 tons when he touches strong materials.

Biggest victory: Touched the Cosmic Cube and was briefly omnipotent. Punched Vision into two separate beings: Iron Lad and the original Vision. Also punched Sentry into Sentry and Void.

44. Karla Sofen (Moonstone)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #222 (1982)

Powers: Superhuman strength (can lift up to 10 tons). Also superhumanly fast, agile, durable. Can fly very fast. Can become intangible. Can control light in such a way as to blind people with a flash or punch a hole through a steel plate. Expert psychologist. Expert hypnotist trained by Doctor Faustus.

Biggest victory: During the siege of Asgard, she teamed up with Norman Osborn and the U-Foes to knock out Thor.

43. Wrecking Crew (Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer)

wrecking crew

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273 (1986)

Powers: Dirk Garthwaite, the Wrecker, accidentally got Asgardian powers from Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. He is superhumanly strong and durable, able to lift 40 tons. He has an indestructible crowbar. He granted the same powers to his fellow prisonmates Dr. Eliot Franklin (Thunderball), Army Master Sergeant Henry Camp (Bulldozer) and former farmhand Brian Philip Calusky (Piledriver).

Biggest victory: Part of the group that put Hercules in that coma that you’ve read about. The Wrecking Crew are pretty much THE heavyweights for hire. They’ve been hired into the Masters of Evil, The Shadow Council, Mr. Sinister and more.

42. Alkehma


First fought the Avengers: Avengers West Coast Vol. 1 #90 (1993)

Powers: Artificial life form created by Ultron to be his partner after destroying organic life. Alkhema was built out of adamantium and nearly indestructible. She also had excellent fighting skills due to being programmed from Mockingbird’s brain patterns. Alkhema had numerous weapons built into her and superhuman strength. She also once built her own primitive robot army that she called her War Toys.

Biggest victory: Once held her own battling both the Avengers and Ultron in a three-way fight. Ultimately, her sadistic nature that compelled her to have humans killed individually instead of en masse caused her to ally with the Avengers against Ultron and they were both destroyed.

41. Agamotto


First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 2 #1 (2010)

Powers: The first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, he became one of the three Vishanti who grant the current Sorcerer Supreme his power. Also created powerful mystical artifacts like the Eye of Agamotto. He can do virtually any spell.

Biggest victory: After he was cast out of the Vishanti and stripped of most of his powers, he became convinced that Doctor Voodoo was not doing a good enough job as Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Voodoo gave his life to stop Agamotto.

40. Herbert Wyndham (High Evolutionary)/New Men

high evolutionary

First fought the Avengers: West Coast Avengers Annual Vol. 1 #3 (1988)

Powers: Evolved his intellect so that he is beyond genius. He created a suit of armor that heightens his abilities. He can communicate with animals and machines. He has cosmic awareness and clairvoyance. He can fly or fire energy blasts. Can create force fields or grow to 300 feet. Able to manipulate matter to create complex creations or even life. New Men are animals evolved into human-like beings that serve as his soldiers.

Biggest victory: Created an “evolution” bomb to advance humanity but the Avengers stopped him. However, Hercules was exposed to the Evolutionary’s Genesis Chamber which evolved him beyond even a god. So the Avengers didn’t have him for a while.

39. Maximus


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #95 (1972)

Powers: Strength, speed and stamina slightly superior to peak human ability. Can control multiple minds at once but with one general idea. Can exert total control over one individual with concentration. Genius intellect across all disciplines allows him to invent just about any piece of technology he wants.

Biggest victory: Once took over the Inhuman city of Attilan. The combined powers of Black Bolt and the Avengers were needed to break into the city and subdue him. He held the city for a few weeks.

38. Luchino Nefaria (Count Nefaria)/Maggia

count nefaria

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #13 (1965)

Powers: Has the combined powers of Living Laser (energy projection), Power Man (strength), Whirlwind (speed) amplified a hundred-fold. Comprised of ion energy so he does not age or need to eat or sleep. The Maggia is a worldwide organized crime syndicate that he runs.

Biggest victory: Once captured the Avengers and framed them which put them in conflict against the U.S. Army.

37. En Dwi Gast (Grandmaster)/Squadron Sinister

squadron sinister

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #69 (1969)

Powers: An Elder of the Universe. Immortal. Unknown measure of superhuman strength and speed. Telepathy, telekinesis and energy manipulation. Master strategist. The Squadron Sinister were three humans and some matter that he transformed into versions of Squadron Supreme members Doctor Spectrum, Nighthawk, Whizzer and Hyperion that obeyed him.

Biggest victory: Once abducted every known superhero and made them battle in a contest of champions. It was all part of a cosmic wager with Death to bring back Grandmaster’s fellow Elder, the Collector.

36. Parker Robbins (The Hood)

the hood

First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 1 #33 (2007)

Powers: Criminal who stole a cloak possessed by a demon. It gave him the ability to turn invisible, walk on air, shoot electricity and see through illusions. He could even resurrect the dead. He later lost those powers but got Norn Stones from Loki that allowed him to use magic bullets and allow himself to become what he wished for. He later lost those but gathered two Infinity Gems: Reality and Power. He also commands a massive gang of supervillains.

Biggest victory: Keeps getting more power. He recently acquired two Infinity Gems which allowed him to defeat Red Hulk with a single punch.

35. The Hand

the hand

First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 1 #11 (2005)

Powers: The most powerful clan of ninja assassins.

Biggest victory: Brainwashed Wolverine who killed dozens of superheroes.

34. Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot)/Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers/HAMMER

norman osborn

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273 (1986)

Powers: The original Green Goblin, the goblin formula granted Osborn increased intellect, superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability. It also gave him a healing ability and the only drawback is insanity. He was put in charge of the government team of supervillains The Thunderbolts and used them for many black ops missions. He later was given control of SHIELD, renaming it HAMMER and giving himself one of Iron Man’s suits of armor, calling himself Iron Patriot. He formed an Avengers team comprised of supervillains. He later had the powers of the Super-Adaptoid grafted onto him.

Biggest victory: Had the Avengers on the run for a long time when he was running HAMMER.

33. Harvey Elder (Mole Man)

mole man

First fought the Avengers: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #31 (1964)

Powers: Has a radar sense that compensates for his poor vision. Technological genius. Commands the armies of Subterranea including Moloids and various gigantic monsters. Expert at fighting with a staff, despite his squat stature.

Biggest victory: Loki once tricked Mole Man into thinking the West Coast Avengers were invading. In response, Mole Man summoned Giganto to rampage through Southern California. Ultimately, Wonder Man was able to convince Mole Man they weren’t invading and Mole Man withdrew his forces. He mostly just wants to protect his people from pollution and invasion.

32. Franklin Hall (Graviton)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #158 (1977)

Powers: Can control gravity up to just over 2 miles from his body. This allows him to fly, raise other objects or smash them under extreme weight. He can generate a force field or fire concussive blasts of force. Also an experienced physicist.

Biggest victory: Lifted a gigantic research facility and held it over New York City while defeating all of the Avengers in their initial battle.

31. Eric Williams (Grim Reaper)/Lethal Legion

grim reaper

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #52 (1968)

Powers: Some supernatural abilities including raising the dead and minor teleportation. His strength is slightly above peak human potential. His amputated right hand has a magical scythe that can absorb or fire energy blasts and is magically sharp enough to cut through nearly anything. Has occasionally assembled a team he dubs the Lethal Legion comprised of Living Laser, Power Man, Man-Ape and Swordsman. Has also teamed up with the Space Phantom and Nekra. Became a new Horseman of the Apocalypse for the Apocalypse Twins, increasing his power to an unknown degree.

Biggest victory: Despite being a powerful adversary against the Avengers, they have let him go free multiple times because he is Wonder Man’s brother and his goals have frequently been to help him in some way.



First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #387 (1995)

Powers: Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) were created by Baron von Strucker to create weapons for Hydra. They are a collection of genius scientists with little to no morals. They have created the Cosmic Cube, MODOK, and many weapons of mass destruction. MODOK is an evolved form of employee George Tarleton originally designed for computing advanced calculations but he evolved beyond that programming. MODOK has frequently led AIM. He has vast psionic powers including telekinetic force blasts and an ability to calculate future probabilities that borders on clairvoyance.

Biggest victory: They have frequently gone after individual Avengers for years but only went up against the team itself in more recent years. They once successfully fooled the public into thinking a fight that killed 74 people was the Avengers’ fault. They currently have their own island which grants them diplomatic immunity.

29. Attuma (and his Atlantean army)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #26 (1966)

Powers: Atlantean warlord with the ability to breath on both land and underwater. Superhuman senses, speed, durability, stamina, speed, and reflexes. Can lift 40 tons on land and 65 tons underwater. Expert hand-to-hand combatant.

Biggest victory: Successfully convinced his people that Namor’s many visits to the surface world as part of the Avengers meant he did not care for Atlantis and became the ruler of the underwater kingdom.

28. Mandarin


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #20 (1965)

Powers: Expert martial artist. One of the world’s greatest scientific geniuses which allows him to understand how to use the alien rings he wields on each finger. These allow him to: rearrange matter (create gases, change his clothing/armor), create force blasts, levitate and spin objects or air at high speeds, disintegrate matter, create darkness, control electromagnetic energy (light burst, heavy gravity, magnetic levitation), blast flame, amplify psychic powers (control minds, cast illusions), blast electricity, shoot ice.

Biggest victory: Teamed up with Loki and Dr. Doom to send an army of robots at Hydrobase, the Avengers floating headquarters. They successfully sank it.

27. Red Skull/Red Onslaught/S-Men

red onslaught

First fought the Avengers: Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (2012)

Powers: Technically a clone of Johann Schmidt, the original Red Skull. This clone stole the brain of the late Professor X and had it bio-welded to him, giving him all of Professor X’s powers including telepathy, mind possession, mind alteration and more. Essentially the most powerful psychic on Earth. He led a team of superhumans mutated by science and magic that he called the S-Men. Magneto killed this Red Skull but that only awakened Onslaught, a psychic energy being with Red Skull’s consciousness. This form is superhumanly strong in addition to the other psychic powers.

Biggest victory: Inverted all of the Avengers and turned them into villains.

26. Amora (Enchantress)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #7 (1964)

Powers: Asgardian with the accompanying superhuman speed, stamina, durability, longevity and strength (can lift about 25 tons). Master of sorcery. Has enchanted her kisses so that a kiss will bend any male to her will for up to a week at a time. Can also control elements and travel interdimensionally, as well as disguise herself.

Biggest victory: Against the Avengers, probably creating Power Man (Erik Josten). But on a personal level, the Asgardians were once made mortal and she defeated Set to return them to godhood.

25. Apocalypse Twins/Horsemen of the Apocalypse

apocalypse twins

First fought the Avengers: Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #5 (2013)

Powers: Uriel and Eimin were mutants born to Apocalypse and his Horseman of Pestilence, Ichisumi. They were taken by Kang and raised in the future to hate humanity. Uriel has wings that allow him to fly or use as razors. He can also fire energy razors from his wings. Eimin also has wings that can be used as razors or shoot acid. She can also use music to have visions of the future. They brought four superhumans back from death to create their new Horsemen: Banshee, Sentry, Grim Reaper, and Daken.

Biggest victory: Using Kang’s time travel abilities, they traveled to the medieval ages and stole Thor’s axe, Jarnbjorn. They used this to kill a Celestial (space god). This summoned Exitar, the Executioner Celestial who came to destroy Earth. The Twins tricked Scarlet Witch into making a spell to move their people, all mutants, aboard their spaceship. They were only defeated when some of the remaining Avengers in the future were able to go back in time and change things.

24. Helmut Zemo/Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts

masters of evil

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #273 (1986)

Powers: Compound X has slowed his aging and given him increased vitality. He has a genius-level intellect for strategy and science. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, swordsman and marksman. He is an excellent leader, having assembled the Masters of Evil and the initial Thunderbolts, a team of supervillains posing as new superheroes to gain the world’s trust. An expert at disguise and deception.

Biggest victory: After losing several battles to Captain America, he assembled a powerful version of the Masters of Evil that took over Avengers Mansion. His biggest personal victory was destroying the only photo Captain America had of his mother.

23. Heinrich Zemo/Masters of Evil

masters of evil original

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #6 (1964)

Powers: Expert tactician and genius scientist in the fields of lasers, androids, adhesives and genetic manipulation. An excellent hand-to-hand combatant, well trained in karate. Created Compound X to slow his aging. Created a disintegrator gun whose ray would loosen the molecular bonds of matter. Assembled the first Masters of Evil including Black Knight, Enchantress, Executioner, Radioactive Man and Melter.

Biggest victory: Assembling the Masters of Evil. Not only was it a powerful group for the Avengers to face, but the very concept of bringing together supervillains against a common enemy was new. It led to many other supervillain assemblages that have a lineage to the original Masters of Evil.

22. Deviants/Ghaur


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #247 (1984)

Powers: Deviants were homo sapiens that Celestials (space gods) experimented on and created a new race from. They have a much higher mutation rate and look like real weirdos. The Deviants aren’t exactly evil, just hostile, even to each other. Ghaur was one of the most powerful and was a high priest. He has mind control abilities and can mutate or kill other Deviants.

Biggest victory: Ghaur planned to bring the Elder god Set to our world. To do this, he manipulated Attuma into using his Atlantis army to attack the surface and used that distraction to murder thousands of Atlanteans undefended at home, as a sacrifice to Set.

21. Dormammu/Mindless Ones


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #118 (1973)

Powers: Dormammu is a sorcerer from the Faltine dimension. His spells are powerful enough to go up against Odin or the Phoenix Force. He can lift over 100 tons. He can absorb and project powerful energy blasts. He can control the elements, teleport between dimensions and even resurrect the dead. The Mindless Ones are his obedient warriors. They have no will of their own but are superhumanly strong and can fire force blasts from their eye.

Biggest victory: Easily was beating the combined teams of both The Avengers and The Defenders. It was only the combined powers of Scarlet Witch and Loki that stopped Dormammu’s planned invasion of his Dark Dimension into our world. However, it drove Loki mad and temporarily trapped Scarlet Witch in an object called the Evil Eye.

20. Terminus


First fought the Avengers: Avengers West Coast Annual Vol. 1 #5 (1990)

Powers: Terminus is an artificial life form created by the Terminex race who were being exterminated by the Celestials. They created the Terminus to be their revenge. A terminus starts as a microbe on a planet and once ingested by native life, they are transformed into stage 2: a robot version of themselves. They feed on radioactive material and metals to grow into larger robots for stage 3. At stage 4, they ingest one another until only one Terminus remains. If two Termini ever encounter one another, one eats the other to reach stage 5: Ulterminus. Terminus has incalculable strength and can withstand the pressure of either deep space or planetary core. It is a world-destroyer.

Biggest victory: Only one Ulterminus was ever created on Earth and it easily withstood the combined powers of two teams of Avengers and the Fantastic Four. It had ingested Mjolnir as a power source and Thor was able to call his hammer into space, pulling Ulterminus away. It had access to no power source so fed on itself until it became a black hole. If it hadn’t eaten Thor’s hammer, it probably would’ve destroyed Earth.

19. Annihilus


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #89 (1971)

Powers: Controls an item called the Cosmic Control Rod which grants him many abilities: strong enough to lift 50 tons and superhumanly fast and durable. He can fire energy blasts equal to 10 megatons. His wings allow him to fly up to 150 mph in an Earth-like atmosphere or he can travel through space much faster with the Rod’s power.

Biggest victory: Betrayed his Galactic Council allies and took control of  Shi’ar stargates and the planet Praxis-2 which is a gateway between his native Negative Zone and the rest of the universe. It’s a key piece of real estate.

18. Satannish


First fought the Avengers: Avengers: West Coast Vol. 1 #76 (1991)

Powers: A powerful demon that controls his own realm, second only to Mephisto in power.

Biggest victory: Captured the soul of Mockingbird (although it was retroactively revealed that it was really a Skrull imposter). Well, he tried.

17. Cul Borson (Serpent)/The Worthy

the worthy

First fought the Avengers: Fear Itself Vol. 1 #5 (2011)

Powers: Asgardian older than Odin and far more powerful than the average Asgardian. Beyond superhuman stamina, speed and durability, he can lift well over 100 tons and can increase his power by feeding on others’ fear. He can also manipulate magic to transform into a giant serpent, transport people far away, raise the dead or create a city out of matter. The Worthy are his eight allies. Each has a magical hammer that can possess a being with their original spirit and vastly upgrade their powers.

Biggest victory: Cul Borson was returned from an exile by Sin, daughter of the Red Skull, who had located a hammer and been transformed into Skadi. The other seven he transformed were: Juggernaut became Kuurth: Breaker of Stone, Attuma became Nerkkod: Breaker of Oceans, Titania became Skirn: Breaker of Men, Grey Gargoyle became Mokk: Breaker of Faith, Absorbing Man became Greithoth: Breaker of Wills, Thing became Angrir: Breaker of Souls, and  Hulk became Nul: Breaker of Worlds. When opposed by the Avengers, Cul destroyed Captain America’s shield with his bare hands and destroyed Asgard with a single blow.

16. Kree (including Ronan the Accuser and the Supreme Intelligence)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #90 (1971)

Powers: The Kree are a warlike alien race who have genetically stagnated. They have access to technology far advanced from Earth’s. The Supreme Intelligence is a construct of the Kree’s greatest minds, which directs them. Ronan the Accuser is their greatest warrior and the highest lawgiver, who has at times taken over leadership of the Kree. As a normal Kree, he is stronger and faster than a human but with his cybernetic enhancements and suit of armor, he can lift up to 80 tons. He controls the Kree’s greatest weapon, the Universal Weapon which can create force fields or fire energy blasts. Only an Accuser can hold it.

Biggest victory: During the Kree-Skrull war where each alien race was trying to conquer Earth as a foothold, the combined powers of the Avengers could not stop the Kree. Ultimately, the Supreme Intelligence summoned their sidekick Rick Jones and evolved him to the level of a god which allowed him to halt all armies and end the conflict. The power was too much for Rick’s body and he died. Captain Marvel, the Avengers’ long-time ally (and a Kree exile) merged his life force to bring Rick back, at the cost of his own existence.

15. Skrull (including the Super Skrull and Queen Veranke)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #92 (1971)

Powers: The Skrulls are a warlike alien race who hate the Kree but do not have as large an army. They are all shapeshifters and have tried to invade Earth many times. The Super Skrull was genetically altered to have the powers of all of the Fantastic Four (flame and flight, super strength and invulnerability, invisibility and force fields, extreme stretching). Queen Veranke was a strategist who had a long-term plan to replace superheroes with Skrulls.

Biggest victory: Veranke’s plan bore a lot of success. They destroyed S.W.O.R.D.’s satellite headquarters (the division of S.H.I.E.L.D. tasked with extraterrestrial threats), disabled the Helicarrier, expunged the Extremis virus from Tony Stark (then the source of his Iron Man abilities) and caused massive distrust against all superheroes. Her henchman Criti Nol turned Wasp into a massive bio-bomb that Thor was forced to kill to save the planet.

14. Owen Reece (Molecule Man)

molecule man

First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #215 (1982)

Powers: Able to control all matter although a subconscious mental block keeps him from changing organic matter. The extent of his power is nearly infinite. In the past he has lifted a 250 billion ton mountain or enclosed the entire island of Manhattan in a plexiglass barrier. He can convert matter into energy and even transform cosmically powerfully objects like Thor’s hammer or Silver Surfer’s surfboard.

Biggest victory: Destroyed Silver Surfer’s surfboard, Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s armor and Captain America’s shield.  Decided he would make himself like Galactus and consume Earth. Tigra reasoned with him that he needed mental assistance and he agreed and got counseling.

13. Victor Von Doom

dr doom

First fought the Avengers: Secret Wars Vol. 1 #1 (1984)

Powers: Learned the Dark Arts from Morgan le Fay and has some sorcery ability. Learned how to transfer his mind to another person by the alien Ovoids. Super-genius intellect. He has created a suit of armor which allows him to fly, grants super strength and has a force field. It can also shoot electricity and absorb solar energy. It can allow him to go into space or underwater. He claims it even has pieces of the “true cross” which ward against threats like Dracula. He controls the sovereign nation of Latveria.

Biggest victory: While he is a constant threat to the Avengers and all superheroes, his greatest personal victory was obtaining runner up in a magical contest which obligated the winner, Dr. Strange, to owe him a favor. He called in the favor for Dr. Strange to take them to Hell where they battled Mephisto for the soul of his late mother, who had been cursed. His price was to earn his mother’s eternal hatred, but he gladly accepted this to rescue her from eternal torment.

12. Ultron


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #54 (1968)

Powers: Ultron can upload his consciousness to upgraded bodies or use backup copies of his main program to build a new body if his old one is destroyed. He is superhumanly strong, able to lift 100 tons. He can fly and shoot concussive beams of force or high energy plasma. His encephalo beam can drain someone’s will. He can fire lasers and absorb energy. He also can hack into high tech surveillance.

Biggest victory: Ultron-16 murdered every citizen in the capital city of the Eastern European nation of Slorenia, turning them into robotic zombies.

11. Nathaniel Richards (Kang the Conqueror/Immortus/Scarlet Centurion/Rama-Tut/Iron Lad)


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #8 (1964)

Powers: Master of time travel. His various time travel plots have led to alternate versions including Rama-Tut, Immortus and more but Kang seems to be the prime being. Superior intellect, has stopped his aging, and is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Wears futuristic armor allowing him to lift up to 2 tons. It has a force field that can withstand a nuclear blast. Can fire concussive blasts and summon weapons from the future.

Biggest victory: The fact is, Kang has conquered the world in his own time and has conquered many superheroes in different timelines. He continues to come back and battle the Avengers almost for sport. In one confusing story, he supposedly manipulated Tony Stark into working for him as an undercover agent, who killed three Avengers’ allies. This was later retroactively attributed to Immortus in disguised doing the killing. Still, Tony went evil and the Avengers decided their best option was to bring a young Tony Stark from the past into the present to beat him. The current Tony Stark sacrificed himself to keep from going evil. All of this was later wiped out by a cosmic event where the Avengers fought Onslaught.

10. Loki


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (1963)

Powers: Superhuman strength (able to lift 50 tons) and superhuman durability, stamina, speed. Extreme longevity as all Asgardians have. Shapeshifting. Some psionic ability. Expert with sorcery, able to cast perfect illusions. Can also manipulate matter or summon energy blasts. Can also teleport and move between dimensions.

Biggest victory: Tricked the supervillains Dr. Doom, Magneto, Kingpin, Wizard, Mandarin and Red Skull to work together against the heroes of Earth. They each agreed to fight each other’s enemies using their resources and knowledge to keep the heroes off-balance. A lot of people got punched.

9. Onslaught


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #402

Powers: A being of psychic energy formed from Professor X’s darkest thoughts and Magneto’s. The most powerful psychic ever, including telepathy and telekinesis. Also has electromagnetic powers. Invulnerable armor. Superhuman strength beyond the ability to lift 100 tons. Reality manipulation.

Biggest victory: The only way for the Avengers to stop Onslaught was by physically entering his energy body. Onslaught and all of the Avengers vanished. They were eventually returned thanks to the reality-shaping powers of Franklin Richards but they were gone for a long time and the world believed they’d given their lives to stop Onslaught.

8. Void (Dark Sentry)

the void

First fought the Avengers: The Sentry Vol. 1 #5 (2001)

Powers: The void is a dark force trying to control the mind of Robert Reynolds who is the Sentry, one of the most powerful heroes. Sentry/Void has the power to destroy the world and possibly more. When the Void controls Robert he can transform his appearance, control the weather, grow tendrils that cause its victims to experience trauma from the past, present and future, control darkness and has some amount of telepathy. He also has nearly limitless superhuman strength. He is an expert of deceit, able to trick the Sentry.

Biggest victory: Agreed to work with Norman Osborn who influenced Sentry to become the Void. The Void tore Ares in half and destroyed Asgard while battling the Avengers. Classified by Reed Richards as an Omega-level threat along with Hulk and the Phoenix Force.

7. Mephisto


First fought the Avengers: Mephisto Vs. Vol. 1 #4 (1987)

Powers: A powerful demon that controls his own realm, with virtually limitless powers. He exists to entrap souls in his realm and makes faustian deals with noble people. He can manipulate energy and matter on a nearly infinite scale.

Biggest victory: Mephisto believed some of the souls that Hela was taking should belong to him, including Thor who she laid a claim on. Mephisto took Thor forcibly to his realm and battled the Avengers, who eventually saved Thor. But Mephisto felt he won because Thor vowed never to willingly go to Hela’s realm if he died.

6. Phoenix Force

phoenix five

First fought the Avengers: Avengers vs. X-Men Vol. 1 #5 (2012)

Powers: A cosmic force of death and rebirth, it seeks to destroy civilizations that have become stagnant. It possesses limitless cosmic energy and may be the most powerful force in the Universe, though not necessarily an evil force. It has the power to absorb and channel any form of energy. It can grant life or death. It can destroy entire planets with ease. It seeks out hosts with psionic abilities and raises them to near infinite levels.

Biggest victory: Came to Earth to inhabit Hope Summers and potentially destroy Earth. The Avengers tried to stop it while the X-Men believed it would not destroy Earth and would help make more mutants. Iron Man created a special armor to affect it but instead of destroying the Phoenix, it split into five and imbued Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Magik and Emma Frost with the Phoenix Force. The power drove them mad and in a massive battle that brought devastation to Wakanda and other areas, when one host was knocked out the remaining gathered the Phoenix Force and got even stronger. Eventually, Cyclops became the prime host and was driven mad. He killed Professor X. Later, Hope was able to absorb and destroy the Phoenix Force (at least for now – it appears to be a fundamental force of the Universe).

5. Builders


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 5 #2 (2013)

Powers: A race that claims to be the oldest in the universe. Exceptionally long-lived, one of them claims to be over 600,000 years old. They have the ability to create and destroy planets and have created races to assist them in their work including the Abyss, the Alephs, the Caretakers, the Curators and the Gardeners.

Biggest victory: Decided they, along with their parallel universe counterparts, needed to start destroying some worlds, possibly to find the Beyonders, a powerful godlike race. They destroyed Earth-TRN268 in one reality, then came to the main reality and destroyed Galador. Eventually, the Avengers and their Galactic Council allies trapped the Builders in the Superflow, which was the Builders’ way of travelling between dimensions.

4. Michael Korvac


First fought the Avengers: Avengers Vol. 1 #168 (1979)

Powers: Michael was a brilliant scientist from the future who was grafted to a machine by the alien Badoon. It gave him amazing powers to analyze and duplicate powers that he sees. He eventually scans Galactus’ ship and gains the Power Cosmic. He can use it to manipulate time and space, matter, and energy. Essentially limitless power.

Biggest victory: He travels to the present to remake the world into a Utopia. He is opposed by the Collector and the Avengers. He kills the Collector and the Avengers, Ms. Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ultimately realizing he has made his love, Carina, fear and doubt him, Korvac commits suicide through a sheer act of will, bringing the heroes back to life just before he dies.

3. Beyonder


First fought the Avengers: Secret Wars Vol. 1 #1 (1984)

Powers: Ultimately revealed to be an Inhuman mutant with the power of a Cosmic Cube. His power is essentially limitless.

Biggest victory: The Beyonder, in an attempt to understand the human condition, transported all the heroes and villains to a new planet he made, called Battleworld, to fight. Ultimately, he did not care for the fight and returned everyone home. Fortunately, he has yet to be angry at anyone on Earth.

2. Thanos (and the Black Order)


First fought the Avengers: Captain Marvel Vol. 1 #27 (1973)

Powers: As an Eternal he is immune to aging and disease. Incredible healing. Huge intellect. Massive superhuman strength allowing him to go toe-to-toe with beings like Silver Surfer or the Hulk. Can manipulate energy. Nigh invulnerable. Resistant to psychic attacks and can control the wills of weak-minded individuals. He has controlled space fleets and pirates and assembled the Black Order, comprised of superpowered aliens Corvus Glaive, Black Dwarf, Ebony Maw, Supergiant and Proxima Midnight.

Biggest victory: Assembled all of the Infinity Gems and created the Infinity Gauntlet, controlling the entire universe. Defeated all superheroes, cosmic beings, and wiped out half the universe to please Death.

1. Beyonders


First fought the Avengers: New Avengers Vol. 3 #29 (2015)

Powers: Interdimensional beings obsessed with destroying the multiverse. They are omnipotent and come from a dimension of power that the Cosmic Cubes are formed from.

Biggest victory: Have destroyed thousands of universes, bringing the number of reality to the dozens. They intend to keep going.