Rambo is Predator

Vincent   September 8, 2009   3 Comments on Rambo is Predator

Details have emerged on what the next Rambo flick will be and it’s seriously boner factor eleven. In the next Rambo film, Rambo will be hunting genetically engineered soldiers in Rambo: Savage Hunt. So it’s like he’s Predator only with less dreadlocks.


I’m seriously excited about this. I loved, LOVED the last film, which was simply entitled Rambo. While it is a little strange that he’s gone completely off the rails and is doing something more sci-fi themed I think that makes me love it even more. Instead of learning about the plight of the peoples of Burma, we can learn about the plight of werewolves or some shit as Rambo brutalizes them. I was kind of hoping for the sequel to Rambo to excess any kind of story and have him shooting jerks with a .50 cal machine gun for a solid two hours, but this news is almost as good.

P.S. If you complain about sci-fi not belonging in the Rambo universe you deserve to be slapped across the tits. The movies stopped being somewhat realistic after the first film.

Thanks to: Slashfilm

  • shouldn’t your roman numerals read VII for 7?

  • i am a die hard fan of rambo. love the series. genetically engineered soldiers, wow sounds exciting. guess stallone now can compete with arnold on fighting with predators. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Chad B

    Not sure how I feel about this. I like it, but part of me wants it to be something other than Rambo. Maybe I just need to be slapped across the tits. I think I’ll get over it if it’s as good as the last Rambo.