Prometheus Theory Time!

prometheusposterWhile you can find my thoughts on Prometheus here, I thought I’d list some of the questions that the film left me with and some theories I came up with to help answer them.

I’m interested to hear what you think of the theories here and I really want to hear your theories and /or questions!


Why do the Engineers/Space Jockies Want to Kill Us?

A. They see us as an imperfect creation and wanted to destroy us.

B. Their ultimate goal was not to make a copy of themselves, but rather it was the Alien that they wanted so they made a planet full of hosts for the creature.

C. There can be multiple factions of Space Jockeys. Not all of them want us dead. Maybe one faction wants to destroy the others’ creation?

D. Ridley Scott said in an interview wanted to have Jesus be a Space Jockey emissary. The Space Jockeys want to kill us because we killed Jesus. This is the worst idea ever, unless they made it a Jesus-like character and not THE Jesus. Regardless, its not in the least way mentioned or hinted at in the film, so I go by the theory that isn’t canon unless it shows up in a follow up film.

What’s with the Black Goo? Why does it do different stuff?

A. We could be seeing different evolutionary states of the Alien creature at the same time. Like seeing the thing that crawled out of the ocean and an ape at the same time.

B. Aliens are combined from several species. We’re seeing some of the species that the Aliens were taken from and good is mixing and melding it down a combined evolutionary path.

C. It’s different strains of the same type of bio-agent that creates different results.

D. The creators mention that it depends on the mental state of the creature using it. That’s just stupid and again not explained in the film, so we’ll see.

Why was that face hugger so frigging big?

A. The film makers wanted a big scary creature that could take down the gigantic Engineer/Space Jockey.

How does the proto-Alien at the end tie into the film Alien?

A. It doesn’t. That work site was abandoned after the disaster and research continued elsewhere.

B. It continued evolving. Its possible that some of those guards that were bitch slapped by the Engineer/Space Jockey lived and were “used” by the creature to create another step in its evolution. Perhaps the Engineers/Space Jockeys came back and collected the now perfected species to take with them and that’s the ship in Alien.

Why did David infect that annoying scientist?

A. He was under orders from Weyland.

B. He’s amoral and curious with no programming to protect human life at all costs.

  • Why do the Engineers/Space Jockies Want to Kill Us? – I don’t think it’s a, b, or c. I agree that it’s not cannon for D (Jesus) because there’s just not enough in the movie to point to that. Some very, very obtuse religions references to not connect it directly to Jesus. I hope they NEVER connect it to that event. They could just as easily say during their continued monitoring of Earth they decided we had gone to far. It would be a far better story if they point out the endless crimes humanity has committed against each other. Wars, Genocide, Nuclear Bombs and the list could go on for pages. Them wanting to kill us because we killed their emissary cheapens the plot to a revenge story. It makes them exactly like us, which ruins the whole creator story. They would need a much bigger reason, much like in the bible when the man decides to flood the earth and erase most of us forever. This could easily be the story of the flood and I think would be much more compelling and still have a tie in to religion if that’s where they want the story to go.

    Why was that face hugger so frigging big? – I think there may be something along the lines of, big face hugger for big Engineer that will give birth to very big proto-alien queen. I don’t know why it was so big and it was a bad moment in the movie for me, but I guess the Engineer is so tough that they needed a huge creature to infect him.

    How does the proto-Alien at the end tie into the film Alien? – I don’t think that was just any Alien, I think it was a proto queen, and I think some Engineer or Human will come along to find out what happend on this moon, decide to go to the other moon and that’s where Alien takes place. When Prometheus doesn’t return to Earth with the CEO of the corporation on board AND his daughter, they’ll mount a rescue mission. They send in the space marines along with some science types and there’s your first set of incubators for the next generation of aliens – perhaps the first generation of the ones we know. I have a feeling the second movie will deal with a crew trying to find out what happend while Shaw searches for the Engineers. I don’t know if the two stories will cross, but I think they need more people in the next one or they’ll just be trying to kill Shaw the entire movie, lol.

    All in all, the movie didn’t answer very many questions and just asked a bunch. I blame the lost writer for this, as he clearly likes to add layers of mythology without actually giving any firm answers.

  • Why do the Engineers/Space Jockeys want to kill us?

    Well, I think this goes back to the very beginning of the film. Is that particular Engineer there to “selflessly sacrifice himself” to create life, or did he get marooned on a barren planet with a suicide pill as some kind of criminal or exile? Because frankly I read that scene the second way, and that the creation of life that resulted was not at all intentional, and THAT is why they hate humans and want to wipe them out. I mean, surely with their level of technology they wouldn’t have to seed planets by committing suicide, right? Because that’s pretty poor.

    The idea of the black liquid “responding to the mental state of the creatures using it” is really dumb, and I’m just going to completely discount it. Then it isn’t technology, it’s SPACE MAGIC.

  • I take back most of what I said above

    This…is a pretty compelling case.