Preparing for the Y2K Apocalypse with Leonard Nimoy

We’re living in 2015 which means that there are teenagers out there who probably have no idea that we once feared that all computers were going to fail in the year 2000. We literally called it the Y2K bug and lots of people were convinced that a programming error in operating systems was going to result in financial collapse, power plants failing, stop lights malfunctioning. Worldwide!

It was the stupidest fear ever. Which makes it all the more entertaining that the late, great Leonard Nimoy (Spock himself, a bastion of logic!) once hosted a home video preparing you on what to potentially expect from the Y2K apocalypse. Enjoy the video, in its entirety, if you have an hour to watch people drone on about a completely unreasonable fear.


  • Big Jim

    I was in charge of our office’s Y2K preparedness. Had to make sure everything was backed up (a good idea anyway). But that wasn’t enough. For several years we had been moving more and more to a paperless office. Thanks to Y2K, however, we printed out everything (client profiles, active projects, important emails, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank statements). We had reams and reams of printouts just in case it all went kablooey.

    My project for 2001 was dong a whole lot of shredding.

  • Chris Piers