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One of the most anticipated movies of the summer (in my house) has finally hit theaters and I got to chance to see it. I’m talking about Predators, of course. As a fan all things involving Predators, I figured if I was going to see one movie this summer Predators would be it. And yes, I’m probably going to only see one movie this summer. Everything pretty much looks like dog shit or I can catch it on Netflix instead of paying nearly ten bucks.

So how was it!? You scream as you tear your hair out wanting to know what some random guy on the internet thinks. Well, I’ll tell you: It was awesome… if you like Predator movies. As you no doubt know from the trailers, a bunch of random tough asses are dropped on an alien planet where they are hunted down by a group of Predators. It’s a fairly simple set-up and one that works for these films.

The good: There are bad ass Predators, some cool fight scenes, and Predators.

What can I say? The Predators are pretty much the only reason to see this flick. I love the bastards and there are a few of them running around kicking ass in order to satisfy my Predator related cravings. What’s great is that when I first heard about this film I panicked when it was supposed to be a “reboot”. The thing I feared the most was changing the look of the Predators. While they do look a little different, it’s explained in the film and it actually works.

Another cool bonus is that there are other types of aliens. You don’t see them for very long, but it’s nice to catch a glimpse of other types of aliens (both sentient and not) that exist in this universe.

Finally, there are lots of great call backs to the original Predator film. That gets bonus points, even if it was just banking on my nostalgia.

The bad: Ridiculous dialog, Adrian Brody, and some really predictable plot points.

What’s great about the bad list is that even though the film has some shitty, and I mean shitty, dialog, it’s hilarious. My buddy Matty (of Being a Dudecast fame) was laughing out lout during some of the quite parts where you are supposed to think the characters are tough, but they fail miserably. I would have laughed to if I wasn’t so wrapped up in trying to figure out if they were being serious. And while we are on the subject of trying to pull off tough, Adrien Brody is not fucking tough. It’s hilarious how hard he tries to be an action star in this film.

Perhaps the nerdiest complaint I have is the lack of Predator weapon variety. Each film, including the AvP series, has featured new weapons. Predators has got one neat addition to the Predator arsenal, but that’s about it. The film is mostly just wrist blades and shoulder cannons.

This movie isn’t for everyone, which should pretty well be evident from the title. If you love ball kicking Predator action, you should like this flick. Hell, just see it so they make more Predator films. We can never have too many.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering how movies which star a Predator or several rank here you go:

  1. Predator – If you like any other one first, you are an idiot.
  2. Predator 2 – You can’t beat that disc and Gary Busey.
  3. Predators – Many Predators bump this one up.
  4. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem – This movie gets an undeservedly bad rap.
  5. Alien vs. Predator – God, what a garbage dump.
  • Coyote

    You’ve failed to mention some of the worst bits. **SPOILERS BELOW**

    There’s the lackluster ending, i.e. there wasn’t one, where they end the way the movie began hinting at ‘gasp’ a sequel and pretty much confirming the surviving cast is fucked. The main antagonist turns out not to be the predators but the gay kid from that 70’s show (not Fez) pretending to be some psycho killer predator wannabe. (also slight complaint, he claims to identify some plant life knowing of it’s neurotoxin paralyzing ability, on what they later find out is a alien planet… thought they obviously shot that scene as if they were on earth)

    My biggest complaint of all though would be the coolest scene of all that never was, the one they showed in ALL the commercials, the one that made the freaking title, meaning the dozens of targeting lasers being shown on the main hero in the TV spots. It wasn’t even in the movie (e.g. it was heavily modified). Let me reiterate it wasn’t even possible given the actual subject matter… concidering there are ONLY 4 GODDAMNED PREDATORS in the whole movie. That’s barely enough to warrant the plural title. And the interview I saw with Nimrod made it seem like he really didn’t care, they made that scene to make people want to see the movie knowing full well it wasn’t going to be used.

    In the end, it’ll be a LONG time before I go see another alien/predator movie. And with the rumors that the new Aliens movie wont have Geiger’s involvement this whole franchise is dead to me.

  • Vincent

    Uh how involved was Geiger in the Alien movies previously? They used his artwork? It’s not like he wrote the scripts or directed the things. I don’t even understand why that’s a problem.

    And now the franchise is dead to you? Not with Predator 2, Alien 3, or AvP? Strange.

  • Half the people in the theater applauded after the Yakuza VA Predator scene. Yes, it was a super awesome scene, but the applauding was a little weird.

  • Vincent

    Coyote: On reflection, your comment actually has angered me. It’s fine you didn’t like the movie that’s cool, but the fact that you don’t want to see the next Alien film because of HR Geiger won’t be involved, despite the fact that Ridley Scott is directing… the GUY WHO DIRECTED THE FIRST FILM. Damn, if you’d want anyone on board it would be either him or James Cameron.

  • RobertRodriguezsRelative

    What about Topher Grace. Tortured childhood star. I hated him in Spider-Man and it was the main reason I never saw this flick. Heard he has a big part in the ending. And somehow its getting a sequel even though it hasn’t broke 100 million box office in the US. Worldwide could be another story.

  • Vincent

    He plays a part in the ending, but he’s not the main villain.

  • Robert Walker

    I know this is about 5 years late but I only recently discovered this site and as I was enjoying going through some older posts came across this. I think that you are being too quick on dismissing Gigers contribution to the Alien films. The guy created the cteature the film is named after. He along with assistants sculpted the thing after the origanal Fx crew where doing a grand job of royally fucking it up and making it look like some shity dinosaur thing. He created the derelict , space jockey and hellish landscape of Acheron. The alien eggs. All iconic images without which the film would never have made it into the Sience fiction / horror classic it became and no Ridley Scott involvement. Sorry for the long winded rant but as you say below your comments actualy angered me. Just think without Gigers involvement we could havehad a creature akin to thatof Predator as played by J.C van Damme before it was mercifully dropped Iin favour of the amazing Stan Winston Dreadlocked hunter