Potential MAJOR Spoiler Found in Captain America: Civil War Trailer

You’ve probably already seen the trailer and maybe even read our trailer breakdown. I watched it again and I found a major, major, major spoiler in the trailer. It probably spoils the ending. Wish I hadn’t seen it. I will post it below the cut. It’s in white text so you have to highlight it to see it. Only continue to read if you want to know how the movie probably ends.

Captain America's Civil War team at airport


Seriously, I’m gonna give a bunch of spoiler space before you can read it.



I don’t want anyone to read this by mistake.




If you keep scrolling down, you’ll find the spoiler.






Okay, it’s on the line below. Highlight to see it.

In the shot where Winter Soldier is trying to tear Iron Man’s arc reactor out of his chest, read his lips. He says: “Steve is dead!” That’s how the comics ended, so it could happen in the movie too.