Poe Ghostal Goes Dark

Vincent   February 25, 2014   4 Comments on Poe Ghostal Goes Dark


Poe Ghostal is dead.

Okay, sorry about the morbid tease, but I’ve been reading a lot about how to get attention online. The reality is that PoeGhostal.com is going on indefinite hiatus.

Poe’s site has been around for six years, which is an eternity on the web. Not only was it really successful, but I consider Poe a friend. An online friend, but a friend nonetheless.

Poe started his his blog shortly after I started my first one, ToyBender.com. Poe was a frequent commentator, so it was cool that he was starting his own thng. At the time I joked about how there was this rivalry and I’d crush him. Fast forward a couple years later and Toy Bender was dead thanks to the corporate overlords that owned it and Poe’s site was going “gang busters” as the kids say.


I did a bunch of posts for Poe on his site (Googling “Kenner Robocop” in image search results in the first image being my Robocop toy on his site), but being the ego centric world of blogging that it is, I wanted to be my own guy, so I focused more on The Robot’s Pajamas. In the meantime PoeGhostal.com kept getting bigger and bigger.

Instead of the usual jealousy and hatred I feel when my friends are successful and I’m languishing, I was really happy for Poe. It was a great to see him get ten billion comments on each post and have a voice of authority in the collecting world.

Then something happened a year or so ago. There weren’t as many posts going up on Poe’s site. You could read between the lines or Poe’s own words at times, but he wasn’t so excited by the whole collecting thing any more. He’d lost interest in Masters of the Universe Classics and he just didn’t have that spark for collecting or at least writing about collecting any more.

I don’t want to say the guy grew up, but his interests have definitely shifted. In his post he says that it takes away from other possible creative work. I struggle with that myself. I used to write a lot of fiction, but I don’t any more. All my writing time is devoted to this site. Would I have a book by now if I didn’t have this outlet? Probably not, but sometimes I wonder.

Winning at blogging

Stock photo representation of me winning at blogging.

Well, now that Poe Ghostal is on hiatus I can finally say that I’m the winner. J/K lols, it sucks to see a staple of my weekly browsing habits go dark indefinitely. I also feel a bit guilty that I didn’t contribute more to the site.

Meanwhile, there’s no end in sight for Robot’s Pajamas. Sure, things might slow down here and there, but I still get a lot of joy from this site. The only thing that may shut me down is an order from the government or me getting a fat cash offer from somewhere like Topless Robot or i09. Since neither of those things is happening in the foreseeable future you’re stuck with me, Chris, Ron, and Digga D, Matty, (hopefully S Weaver and Monte), and whomever else with moxy that wants to add their amazing sauce to this delicious mixture that is The Robot’s Pajamas.

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  • Cool and Collected

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Glad to hear you’ll be sticking around for awhile. ;) I’m curious to see who will step into the role that Poe has left. Maybe the social networks will fill the void, but who knows.

  • Chris Piers

    We need Poe or someone like him to do a toy column on this site!

  • Any time I miss being a toy blogger exclusively, then I go to Poe’s site and see some of the jerky comments. No thanks, I’ve had my fill of the overall community.

    Glad you’re sticking with it to. What you said on your blog is basically everything that’s in my head. It’s a strange “business” we’re in.

  • I doubt that would happen, but I’d love to hear his non-toy opinions (like movies, movies, comics) on this site. Well I’d like to hear them in general, but they’d be better on this site.