Play Star Trek Online… FOR A LIFETIME


I’m not big on MMOs, mostly because my computer sucks and I hate paying per month for one game. However, I kind of miss playing them and Star Trek Online has peaked my interest. It looks like Atari is now offering prospective players the chance to buy a lifetime subscription to the game for the low, low price of 240 dollars. That might seem like a lot but those monthly fees add up. The only problem with this lifetime subscription thing is that a lot of MMOs fail miserably. Even the Star Wars MMO basically sucked eggs, so there is no guaranty that your not going to be throwing your money away.

Is anyone else interested in this game? I need to know if I can count on any of your to serve on the U.S.S. Robot’s Pajamas. The finest vessel in Star Fleet. Yeah, we’d be dorks, but at least we’d be the coolest dorks in the galaxy.

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  • I enjoy the concept of MMO games but not the time sucking element. (I’ve got things to do.)

  • Chad B

    If I wasn’t hopelessly sucked in by WoW…

    I do like the lifetime subscription idea. Hopefully this MMO won’t suck like so many of them end up doing.