Picture Pages, Picture Pages

Bill Cosby Picture Pages

I was talking to Babette the other day and I can’t remember how this was brought up, but she uttered the words “picture pages” and it was like a flash of lightning. I had completely forgotten the Bill Cosby hosted a children’s show where he drew stuff, but I instantly remembered the Nickelodeon show when I heard the theme song.

Wow, that really takes me back. I loved that marker when I was a kid. It took me a long time before I realized that the noises weren’t actually coming from the marker. Oh and in case you’re wondering, they sold a version of the marker and pages that you’d work on with Bill. Quite the nice little interactive set-up.

  • I too am a big fan of Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages. I’d sit at the kitchen table and watch the TV on top of the fridge and scribble on all my officially licensed Picture Pages worksheets, that my parents somehow got and I’ve somehow lost since.

    Time to get your crayons and your pencils.

  • I also had completely forgotten this show. Thanks for the memory returnage!

    As I was watching, it looks like Bill is about to lose his place on the bird house. I can just imagine some outtake where he draws a line out of order and just shouts, “Awww fuck! I goofed it. GET ME A PUDDING POP!”