Pacific Rim and other Kaiju in LEGO

Chris Piers   October 30, 2013   Comments Off on Pacific Rim and other Kaiju in LEGO

Pacific Rim Lego figures

OliveSeon specializes in building his own custom Lego cities and frequently adds giant monsters and robots. Here are some of his most recent creations from Pacific Rim and some other Kaiju builds.

Pacific Rim Jaeger Lego

This Jaeger made of Lego has got some amazing details. Love the missiles firing complete with exhaust smoke.

Lego Godzilla attacking city

A very red Godzilla attacks from the sea! Man, these things are just loaded with so many friggen details. Love Godzilla’s atomic breath blasts with the circles around it. Amazing work.

Lego robot defending city from Godzilla

The defender robot fires his fist at Godzilla. I always thought this was a silly attack, giving up a limb, but maybe he’s got a cannon under there to start blasting Godzilla.

Lego Mothra attacks the city

Check out this Mothra shooting out silk. Did Mothra do that from her mouth? I thought it was just the baby Mothras that did that sort of thing. Anyway, love the addition of the Mazer cannon. Good luck with that!

Lego Mothra attacking the city

I also love the Helicopter. It’s really hard to pick out the best elements in these custom Lego builds, because there’s so many great details to pick from!

If you’re curious what else he’s created, OliveSeon has a Flickr account with huge models based on Star Wars, medieval times, and modern cities of all sorts.