Out of Context Comics: Volume 8

This edition is all about completely unintentional innuendo. In fact, I gathered so many of these, I’ve got even more for next week!

superboy went into a queer trance

woman wants rod

woman is a dick

superman wants to penetrate

superman gets creamed

storm watches someone finish

spiderman creeps on dazzler

sandman had a queer experience

man wants to be hit in his butt

man is rock hard

man is hot

man is embarassed by his flute

man got butt stroked

kissing dick

joan feels the vibrations

its all in the wrist action

iron man's fist can penetrate

hulk fights a one eyed monster

hercules blows

Hercules and Quicksilver above passed out Scarlet Witch

  • Big Jim

    I’m still laughing over the Hulk one. As funny as it is, I’m loving the guy in the foreground popping his head into the frame – in my mind he’s thinking “wait, what? This I’ve gotta see!”.