Out of Context Comics: Volume 5

Chris Piers   December 24, 2014   Comments Off on Out of Context Comics: Volume 5

Here’s a fresh batch of Out of Context comics, featuring the best in weird panels, outdated slang and inappropriate images outside of their intended context. Since this has been pretty popular, I’m now grouping things by character or action. Enjoy!

archie thinks he will be in the pink

betty says god is better than computers

bible is forced on josie

sabrinas friend bought a wig
Sunny gives skating boy a surprise
Veronica wants a pearl necklace

veronica wants betty to do the routine

captain america and falcon exercise

Captain America approves of VW mechanics

captain america gets kneed in the balls

captain america hits a minority

captain america hits on spiderman

Captain America thinks in meta terms

superman super sneezes

superman super smoking

superman super pisses

superman super eats burgers

superman super eating



spiderman takes sloppy seconds

thing wants sloppy seconds