Out of Context Comics: Volume 3

Another week means another edition of Out of Context Comics. We curate the strangest panels and comics-related images we can find and don’t bother allowing for the proper context to help it make sense. Enjoy!

Master of Kung Fu learns about pizza

Batman and Robin try to trick birds

Batman listens to moaning

Cactus man surprises a lady

A child digs his own grave

Donald Duck has some weird plans for bed

A man drowns another man gently

Woman can't give up dick

Love isn't kicking in for a new couple

Man seems proud to have gone to AA

Mr. Superior threatens to expand

Spider-Man gets punched in the butt

Robin dies... again

Robin seems to be orgasming

Spider-Man's awkward wedding

Spider-Man balloon is inappropriate

Superman approaches a boy

Weirdo cries a single tear

A whale licks Wonder Woman

A woman is scared of a book