Out of Context Comics: Volume 26

krypto loses his gum

Poor Krypto lost his gum before it lost its flavor. How terrible! Read on to see some more bizarre moments in comics. By the way, I’m running out of these so this probably won’t be a weekly feature much longer. I’m sure there’s still some gold out there, so I’ll always keep gathering and share when there’s some good stuff.

aquaman mad at his octopus

word balloon covers up magneto

Great word balloon placement

woman found her stash

wolverine punches himself

supergirl sits on a man's nose

Spiderman and a grenade

quicksilver doesn't want his sister to have kids

professor x tossed down stairs

mrs klatch finds girls in bed

medusa hates rock and roll music

iron man is wasted

flash clouts cold

“Clout” is a weird word

fantastic four has invisible woman clean

dr hypno hypnotizes a parrot

dr doom demands a woman's attention

daredevil can't find clothes

batman weird parade

robin and jimmy olsen pretend they're dead

wasp has no makeup

  • Big Jim

    Robin and Jimmy Olsen are jerks!

  • Chris Piers

    I’m impressed how they’re sharing the same thought.