Out of Context Comics: Volume 23

weird bunny image

Here’s the craziest stuff I could find in comic panels this week. The one above my not seem that strange, but look closely at the tv in the background, all the way on the right hand side. Guess the artist was having a little fun and the editor was asleep that day.

alfred manhandles batman

aquaman gets busy with batman

aquaman uses an octopus slave

armor faps

batgirl kicks poop monster


batman rides superman

batman tells robin not to get gay

casper takes a weird photo

cocaine powered supervillain

dick tracy murders man on stool

grudgingly sit on lap

gushing column strikes the pilar

hippie kills cop with lsd

mighty mouse plans to beat off cats

radar sonar man

soldier does not want gonads in ears

superpro bangs head

superpro isnt instilling fear

woman driver problems

  • Big Jim

    I wonder, was Aquaman being dehydrated the reason he thought eight hands is “dozens” more than two, or does he simply not know how much a dozen is (let alone dozens)?

    Dick Tracy’s paperwork: “Having probable cause, I entered the building to find the suspect on top of a ladder with a pot of loot. I told him to get down as I kicked over the ladder. He proceeded to try and disarm me by kicking my gun, and ended up shooting himself in the face with his own gun. Case closed.”