Out of Context Comics: Volume 22

hitman is focused on the cat

I hope these panels are sufficiently out of context. I try not to get any that were intentionally funny. It’s a challenge. One I’m happy to do each week.

stella is a man

batman wants whiteys clothes

batman needs stamina help

lady thinks it looks huge

splitting up timing

wonder woman beats up her boyfriend

batman and robin grind

robin is soaked

haunted nethers

human torch has others in him

wonder woman asks to be tied up

nightwing sleeps with a monster

batman makes a move on spider-man

silk spectre kneels before dr manhattan

daredevil sniffs fingers


diamond in a banana

harley doesnt want jokers finger

fingered the mannequin

what is a weenie

  • Big Jim

    I have to think, even in context, that one about the cat’s vagina is just as strange.