Out of Context Comics: Volume 20

archie said butthole in 1947

For the 20th edition of this feature, I wanted to find at least one extra-strange panel. And I found it. But it was SO weird, I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe it. Well, here’s a link to the newspaper from 1947 which has the above Archie comic strip featuring Archie using the word “butthole” as an adjective. I can’t explain it, but had to share. Read on for more weirdness.

rex morgan balls

thor is a woman

batman gets a tan

superman spanks and leaves

aquaman has an exciting origin

aquaman beats up a thief

spidey and dd

superman and big barda

Otto Orion

Lightning Nose

Hypno Hustler


jesus fights poseidon

angel says mutants cannot get aids

vanisher loves to steal books

carnage does not want to feel

gang has a plan to be mistaken for punk rockers

Reed Richards slaps his family


sue storm can keep the morale up

  • Big Jim

    Did your late father, the great Otto Orion also look like a collage containing Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Kraven the Hunter, The Punisher, and Pippi Longstocking?

  • That was my favorite.