Out of Context Comics: Volume 2

More fun taking panels and comics-related imagery without any context to justify how it looks. Let us know what you think is really happening. Or suggest one that we may not have seen and maybe we’ll include it in a future installment.

Archie beats off guys

Archie and Moose shower

Weiners in Archie's mouth

Archie acts gay

Man transforms into cat monster

James Bond comic book from India

Indian comic book of James Bond

Green Arrow endangers children

Spider-Man balloon eats out Uncle Sam

Thanos acts like a wimp

Human Torch humps The Thing

Daredevil in a fat suit

Superman gets hard

Daredevil pushes a child down an elevator shaft

Batman owns a leather thong

Something sticky on her mouth

Something white gets on the superheroine's face

Jughead acts sexy

Batman and Robin are an item

Kitty Pryde gets hit by something white