Out of Context Comics: Volume 19

archie wants to spend more time with boys

Archie gets honest

This week’s batch of strange comic book panels starts with Archie, then has some Batman, Superman and Flash weirdness before ending with Captain America. It really makes you wonder how much thought the writers put into this stuff.

jughead is disgusted by veronicas jewelry

Jughead is surprisingly conservative

archie is the soulmate for jughead

Jughead enjoyed being soulmates more than Archie, apparently

archie preaches creationism

You shouldn’t have any books that say you came from monkeys, we all agree. Of course, we do both share a common ancestor.

archie harasses veronica

It looks like she does, yeah

you can tell they are not christian neighbors

Wait, you can?

jughead finds a dark place for archie

Soulmates after all

batman kidnapped by santa

Let me save you some time, Batman. That’s Santa Claus.

flower villain makes no sense

I don’t think anyone needs to be clever to take this guy down

Batman becomes a baby

Robin’s giving this idea a lot more thought than it deserves

Batman peed his pants

Batman wets his pants…

batman turns himself into a buzzsaw

Batman gets weird on Thursdays

the black kryptonians are segregated

Superman’s racist history – Krypton isolated the blacks to their own island (#9)

superboy got fat

Lana needs sensitivity training

flash gets fat

I feel bad for The Flash now

flash is called flush man in south america

Flash’s name in South America is pretty awesome

flash trips

Have a nice trip, Flash

gorilla demands to read

It’s true. Many of us have read those three books and conquered the world.

peter parker gets molested

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) having the worst day ever

origin of captain america villain the black talon

Captain America’s most racist supervillain origin: The Black Talon


  • Big Jim

    So that’s the secret to conquering the world. No wonder all the Meerkats I’ve made watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Jaws”, and “Castaway” never amounted to anything.