Out of Context Comics: Volume 17

maybe mom wont be drunk

This week’s Out of Context Comics has some weird choices by Superman and Batman, some odd advice for military, and the usual smattering of strange misogyny and lack of manners all around. Oh, and two guys who literally try to rape Bruce Banner. So that happened.

batman suicide note

thing likes nuts

Superman hits Wonder Woman

Thing gets permission to spank Invisible Woman

Superman spanks and gets away with it

Brainiac gives the finger

Perry White wants to Blow Clark Kent

Superman and the weird prank

Mickey Mouse tries to kill himself

Superman feels like time travelling

spidey is terrified of not being an avenger

Robin likes his batpoon

human torch has no pants

superman has an odd relationship with jimmy olsen

AIDS might be bad

salute a woman

no need to put out cigarette

count money dont salute

bruce banner escapes rape

  • Big Jim

    “Behold the Flight Ring”. Makes sense – what other ring you gonna put on the bird finger?