Out of Context Comics: Volume 12

Chris Piers   February 9, 2015   Comments Off on Out of Context Comics: Volume 12

It’s so much fun to find these ridiculous snippets of comics. Removed from the story around them, it usually makes us fill in the blanks and you know what? Shame on us for having filthy minds. Sometimes the panels just seem ridiculous or nonsensical of course.

data loves geordi

airless helmet

ant man suggest removing clothes

archie is religious

archie rubs briskly

archie sneaking up on sleeping lady

batgirl gets a ride

batman asks mrs batman to stay home

batman grabbed and it hurts

batman says life isnt about fun

batman threatens to spank

batman worries about fetishes

clark got assigned to gay city

daredevil gets splatted

depraved pals

dick in eyes

flash hates cats

gay comics

golden rain

gordon warns robin about a boner