Out of Context Comics: Volume 11

I wonder if you could grab just about any comic, read it aloud, and totally confound someone else? Well, I try to find the BEST out of context panels and here they are.

sister kisses brother

zombie wants love

wonder woman makes a meat woman decoy

women the female kind

superman kicks himself

spider-man tracks a burger

spiderman puts foot in dooms mouth

shooting guns for peace

rocket school hires only real men

robin loves new superhero suit

robin knows about hip lingo

racist a-team

professor x is a pedo

middle eastern superhero comic

man uses his emergency smile

man confused about door

JJJ exercises

is the silver surfer mean

hulk and namor exercise

namor does not want to team up with dr doom


  • Big Jim

    What kind of women are there, other than the female kind? Oh yeah, the kind made out of ham.