Optimus Prime Wakes Up Again

optimus-prime-wakes up

A while back I posted a video of Optimus Prime of the Transformers fame waking up to a world he didn’t understand. It was hilarious. Now there’s another video of Optmius Prime waking up that is just as funny. Like last time, I’ll provide a bit of a background. When Hasbro breathed new life into Transformers they ditched the fun cars, planes, and robot looking dinosaurs and went with more “realistic” looking creatures. Some love what was known as Beastwars, but there’s no account for taste. Anyway, Beastwars takes place in the future of the Transformers, while having characters with similar names. In this episode the good guys ended up going back in time and waking up Optimus Prime. Enjoy!

If you haven’t seen the previous episode, you’ve got to click on this link!

Thanks to: Poe Ghostal

  • It leaps from amusing to hilarious when Optimus says, “I’m not a poop-slinging monkey.”

  • Vincent

    I’m a big fan of the “what’s that thing on your face” bit.