Now This is Space Combat!

As much as I liked Star Trek, I’m a little tired of the shaky cam where you can’t tell what the hell is going on. During the opening of what I can assume was some nerd convention, they made their own space battle featuring the USS Kelvin and the the new movie version of the USS Enterprise.

I can honestly say I could sit and watch an entire movie consisting of spaceships fighting with minimal dialog or character progression. And that’s why I’m a nerd/geek.

Thanks to: Someone on Twitter. I can’t remember who…



  • Holy shit!

  • Vincent

    Nima, your comment is all the better because I imagine a baby is yelling that.

  • i agree with you. that is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen since the movie. i got to post that on my facebook page!

  • Yeah, that someone on Twitter was probably me.

    I’m a little insulted that you follow anyone else, actually. YOU’RE USING TWITTER WRONG.