Nickelodeon’s Video Comics: DC Comics On Your TV!

Vincent   November 26, 2013   Comments Off on Nickelodeon’s Video Comics: DC Comics On Your TV!

Swamp Thing Video Comic

Here’s a little known corner of comic book history. Back when Nickelodeon was still relatively new (started as Pinwheel in 1977 and turned into Nickelodeon in 1979) they used to show what were effectively motion comics from issues of DC Comics called Video Comics. The little information I could find said they started airing these things sometime in 1979.

Here’s their promo for Nickelodeon’s Video Comics that states, “comics that come to life in a format that encourages children to read along.” Ehh not sure if that really applies. It’s more like a super cheap way to fill up air time.

It’s pretty cool seeing a rack full of DC comics in that promo. See kids, back in the day you could go into almost any convenience store, grocery store, book store, heck even Wal-Mart and get comics. Crazy, huh?!

The only example I could find of Nickelodeon’s Video Comics was of the classic DC title Swamp Thing. Considering how young of an audience Nickelodeon pulls, it’s kind of an unusual choice of comic to read to kids. Too bad they never got around to Sandman or Watchmen.

Other DC superheros that are said to have gotten the Video Comics treatment include Green Lantern, The Flash, Adam Strange, and the Atom.

It’s a shame that this is the only one that I could find. If you have any access to any more of Nickelodeon’s Video Comics, please share it with the world! Otherwise, I fear that a piece of Comics history might be lost forever.