New Year’s Resolutions: Robot’s Pajamas Style


With the New Year fast approaching (2011 if you’re not keeping track), it’s time to make some resolutions that you probably won’t keep. I figured I’d share some of mine in order to help you if you haven’t had the chance to come up with any of your own.

1. Find an artist who will draw a couple of comic scripts I have laying around.
2. Have sex with a human female – I have high hopes, this could be the year.
3. Have sex with female robot – This one relies on someone making a Blade Runner quality robot, so if it doesn’t happen, its not my fault.
4. Make more episodes of The Robot’s Pajama Party recorded and available for your ear holes.
5. Getting around to trying to finish up my book. Well, one of my books.
6. Convert more people to the wonders of the true lord, Crom.
7. Finish organizing my massive porn collection.
8. Start a horrible drug habit, then kick it.
9. Get back to my former fitness level of sort of, not really fat with some tiny muscles.
10. Make a difference in the world by finally beating the Rock Band version of Green Grass and High Tides on hard on guitar.

1. Have a tensome.
2. Publish my zombie comic book short and pursue other media avenues for the story.
3. Launch the Cap’n Zombie webcomic with some degree of regularity.
4. Start some sort of realistic and manageable workout/exercise routine.

  • 2. Its been so long I could officially be delcared a monk. I get my hopes up every year though, maybe this will be the one.

    5. I’d just like to read a book.

    7. I’m actually thinning mine out. I’m trying to be environmentally friendly and go paperless, but I’m not sure if these can actually be recycled.

    8. I already did that, kinda. After escaping middle school, high school, and college, I had never smoked a cigarette in my life. Well, back in ’08 I was seeing this girl who smoked and for whatever reason I thought I’d give it a try. I had just gotten fired, and on top of that we broke up all within a span of two weeks. Well, at 26 I started smoking clove cigarettes. When the sale of those were banned in ’09 (Thank you Congress & Obama!) I switched to regular ciggs. Took me three times to quit, but I finally did last August. Hopefully the two years or so that I smoked did not take too much time off my life. I quit cold turkey, and it was hard the first few weeks but it got progressively easier. I don’t have any cravings, but once in a while if I smell a cigarette I don’t necessarily crave one, I just crave the sensation I guess.

    9. I’d settle just for getting back to fat with no muscles. ;-)