New Marvel Universe Comic Packs

deadpool_taskmastermarveluniversecomictwopackI really like the small scale Marvel Universe figures that Hasbro puts out, well except for two things: 1. It’s too damned hard to find the ones I want. 2. They’ve been traditionally more expensive than Star Wars figures and that I don’t cotton too. Still, I really dig this line and genuinely get excited by a lot of the new product announcements. In this case, it’s the Task Master and Deadpool two pack.

A lot of these comic packs lame out with one decent choice and a terrible one (like yet another plain old Spider-Man), but this time you get two great figures. Yeah the Deadpool is a rehash, though this time he looks so much better thanks to removing the huge scabbards for his swords.

Oh and there’s also going to be  Wolverine/Silver Samurai pack. Yawn.

Thanks to: Marvelous News

  • I think that Hasbro must get their mandate from Marvel in that every wave there must be at least one Wolverine.

  • And a useless spiderman. I loved the dark avengers set that came with a spiderman and a wolverine. (not)

  • Its just like how Mattel has a bajillion different Superman, Batman, and now Green Lantern repaints.

    Plus I think that they figure parents/grandparents who make up a vast majority of the toy consumer base will be more apt to pick up a superhero they’re familiar with rather than an unknown.

  • I actually loved that Silver Samurai, he was awesome. But the DP?Tasky pack was better.