Netflix New Releases for June 2015 – Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Synopses

Rev Ron Netflix New Releases

May is shutting its doors and June is ready to welcome us into its loving arms, people…but who wants to go outside when we have Netflix, right?  Let’s take a look at a few of the new movies being offered for streaming this month and figure out if they are worth our time and energy (energy being not wanting to leave the house because, if you’re like me, the outside world scares you).

Here we go!

Employee of the Month (June 1st) – Two employees (Dane Cook and Dax Shepard) at a Costco-like warehouse shopping center compete to prove who can be the best worker and win the heart of a lovely new cashier (Jessica Simpson).  I like Dax Shepard a lot and he has some amusing moments but I’m not really a fan of Cook or Simpson.  The movie is a bit generic with its comedy but it has some moments.  I wouldn’t recommend it but it’ll pass the time if you’re bored and nothing else interests you.

the aviator

The Aviator (June 1st) – Leo “The Academy Clearly Hates Me” DiCaprio plays the eccentric tycoon Howard Hughes in this biopic.  Overall, a great movie that showcases the strange, exciting and sad life that was Hughes and you can’t beat the performance from DiCaprio…unless you are a member of the Academy.  I definitely Recommend this one.


Sense8 (June 5th) – Okay, it’s not a movie but the Wachowski siblings (the folks who brought us The Matrix trilogy) made a series for Netflix.  The show centers on 8 different people who are suddenly mentally linked with each other.  It looks neat but considering the recent track record from the Wachowski’s I’m not too excited about it.  Honestly, I’d rather watch Daredevil all over again but I’d put this one in the Maybe pile.

Nightcrawler (June 5th) – Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this dark story about a  man who becomes a freelance cameraman who sells his footage to the local news and he sees the line start to blur and his ethics come into question when he starts to have a guiding hand in the news he’s filming.  Gyllenhaal’s performance is enough to get your foot in the door with this one but the engaging and dark story becomes the reason to stay.  This movie is quite amazing and I Highly Recommend it.

Rosewater (June 5th) – The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart directs this true story about Iranian/Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari (Gael Garcia Bernal) who is held in lock-up for 118 days and is brutally interrogated because the government believes he’s a spy.  Bernal is incredible in his role and the story is interesting but it didn’t have the emotional impact I was expecting from it.  While a decent directorial debut from Stewart, the film feels like a by-the-numbers biopic.  It’s okay but I would put it in the Maybe category.

transformers 4

Transformers:  Age of Extinction (June 13th) – Michael Bay returns with a Shia LaBeouf-less Transformers story that involves–actually, does it matter?  It’s a Bay Transformers film.  It’s all CG-robots and explosions.  I confess that I had an easier time watching this one than the previous two thanks to fun performances from Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci, the lack of offensive and racist robots, and the presences of the Dinobots but the Autobots come off like complete jerks and there’s not much substance to the film.  While I admit it’s a lot better than the 2nd film, I have to call this one a Pass.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler (June 16th) – This film is a fictional retelling inspired by the career of real life White House butler Eugene Allen.  The film is filled with great drama, amazing performances (including some amazing choices for the actors playing the presidents), and hits home with a lot of touching themes like race and family.  I definitely Recommend this film.

So those are just a few of the highlights for the movies coming to Netflix this month.  See you guys in July!

Rev. Ron is a semi-retired stand up comedian, a wannabe Shakespearian actor in a drunken Shakespeare troupe, an amateur movie critic, a propane and propane accessories salesman, a man with serious opinions on why peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the greatest sandwiches ever invented and a full-time geek who loves all things comic book, video game, TV and movies.  You can read more of his reviews at his blog at

  • Big Jim

    I found “Employee of the Month” to be a tolerable bad movie. We’ve all seen this movie before (many, many times) and done better, but there’s nothing offensively bad about it (in both content and quality). I don’t mind Dane Cook, but he doesn’t really add anything – he’s just a poor-man’s Ryan Reynolds.

    Recently watched “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. By the end I was numb to all the action and destruction – just another sequence, preceded by innumerable similar sequences, of robots pounding on each other and destroying everything around them. Whatever reaction they’d hoped to elicit from the movie’s climax, all they got from me was “enough already!”.

    Haven’t see “The Aviator” since it’s opening weekend. I’ll definitely revisit that one.

  • Hdawger

    Nightcrawler is a definite must-watch! Probably in my top 3 movies of 2014. Also, I want Sense8 to be good, but you’re right about the Wachowskis being on a losing streak. A LONG losing streak sadly.