Netflix New Releases for December 2016 – Rev. Ron’s Bite-Size Synopses

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With the sad reality that we all gained five pounds because we went against our plan to not overeat at Thanksgiving we all must bear witness to the fact November is coming to a close.  Now we are left with the choice of getting to the gym and working off that holiday weight gain before we eat too much for the December festivities and drink too much as we ring in the New Year or we can just stay on the couch and check out what new movies Netflix has to offer.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if you made the choice to go to the gym—or maybe you’re reading this at the gym.  I could be completely off on my guess here.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Beverly Hills Cop (December 1st) – This 1984 action comedy stands as one of Eddie Murphy’s best (and also catapulted him into movie stardom) and it still holds up today. It centers on Murphy as a Detroit cop investigating a murder and ends up in Beverly Hills for a fish-out-of-water story. It’s a Must See!

Black Snake Moan (December 1st) – Samuel L. Jackson stars as a former blues guitarist who takes in a girl (Christina Ricci) who uses her past abuse to justify her nymphomania and he holds her captive in order to drive the wickedness out of her. I love Sam Jackson and found I was definitely enthralled with this unique drama. I’d say it’s a Must See!

Harry and the Hendersons (December 1st) – Holy smokes it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this film about a family befriending Bigfoot that stared John Lithgow. I remember really enjoying it as a kid when it came out in 1987 but I haven’t seen it since. I’d say Check It Out because I know I’m going to have to revisit this one.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (December 1st) – This is a classic from the late 80s and was a bit of a wonder in terms of practical special effects when it was released. The story is about an ambitious scientist who makes a shrink ray that ends up accidentally shrinking his and his neighbor’s kids. It’s a fun callback to the sci-fi shrinking films of the day and the effects even hold up fairly well. I’d say Check It Out!

House of Wax (December 1st) – A remake of the 1953 film of the same name (which was a remake of the 1933 film; Mystery of the Wax Museum), this film sees some teens stumble upon a wax museum that holds some horrifying secrets. If Paris Hilton wasn’t in it, it never would have ever been remembered because it’s a terribly generic and completely forgettable remake.  I’d say Skip It!

Hannibal (December 1st) – The story of infamous serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) continues as he is living in exile but being sought by one of his former patients who had survived his attack. While not as great or iconic as The Silence of the Lambs, the film is still fairly shocking and you can’t beat Hopkins performance. I’d say Check It Out!

National Lampoon’s Animal House (December 1st) – This movie basically set the standard for college comedies and none since have ever come close to matching it. Endlessly quotable and absolutely hysterical to this day, the film centers on a fraternity that is on the verge of being booted out of school in the early 60s. If you haven’t seen it or wanna watch it again, this is a definitely a Must See!

The Little Rascals (December 1st) – This is one of those films that I saw when it came out, thought it was kinda cute and charming but ultimately never watched again. This movie is an adaptation of the old Our Gang shorts from the 20s, 30s and 40s and when it came out it received a lot of bad reviews but has since become a cult film. Since it has this cult status, I’d say Check It Out.

The Rock (December 1st) – Say what you will about Michael Bay but the guy can film action.  Sure, he sucks at handling story and character but he makes explosions look real good. In 1996, he brought forth a decent popcorn action film centered on a terrorist group taking control of Alcatraz and the only ones who can stop them are a FBI weapon’s specialist and the only man to ever escape the place alive. It’s not a perfect film but it’s kinda fun—and it has Nic Cage in it and that man is always a spectacle to watch.  I’d say Check It Out.

Toys (December 1st) – Arriving in 1992, this quirky film about a military leader taking over a very oddball toy company had a lot of potential to be something very conceptual and unique. Ultimately, however, the film is a mess and even the presence of Robin Williams (rest in peace) isn’t enough to save the film.  I’d say Skip It.

Lucky Number Slevin (December 10th) – The film is all about a dude named Slevin who ends up getting caught up in a war between two mob bosses. It’s kinda clever, a bit slick and has its moments but it’s not a very memorable film. If you’re bored, I’d say Check It Out.

Captain America: Civil War (December 25th) – If you know me, follow me on Instagram or Twitter or keep up with my reviews on my blog, you would know I am a huge comic book fan and really enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I saw Civil War as part of a Captain America Marathon (which I wrote about here on RPJ) and I loved every second of this movie. This one centers on the events from Age of Ultron and how it is forcing world governments to intervene with superheroes. Alongside a murderous plot involving The Winter Soldier, conflicting ideologies forces Captain America and Iron Man against each other. This one is a Must See!

Additional Movies (That I Haven’t Seen) Released in December

December 1st
Always (1989)
Angels in the Snow (2015)
Beyond Bollywood (2014)
Compulsion (1959)
D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)
David Blaine: Street Magic (1997)
Dreamland (2010)
For the Love of Spock (2016)
Glory Daze: The Life and Time of Michael Alig (2016)
Hitler: A Career (1977)
Holiday Engagement (2011)
Merry Kissmas (2015)
Picture Perfect (1997)
Rainbow Time (2016)
Rodeo & Juliet (2015)
Swept Under (2016)
Switchback (1997)
The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
The Crucible (1996)
The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)
The Spirit of Christmas (2015)
Uncle Nick (2015)
Waking Life (2001)
Way of the Dragon (1972)
We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story (1993)
White Girl (2016)
Wildflower (2016)
Zero Point (2014)

December 5th
Mad (2016)
The Good Neighbor (2016)

December 6th
Blue Jay
Reggie Watts: Spatial
The Devil Dolls (2016)
The Model (2016)

December 10th
Phantom of the Theater (2016)

December 11th
Breaking a Monster (2016)

December 12th
Ricardo O’Farrill: Christmas Special

December 13th
Killswitch (2016)
I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

December 16th
Rats (2016)

December 19th
Miss Stevens (2016)

December 20th
Disorder (2015)
Gabriel Iglesias: Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

December 25th
When Hari Got Married (2013)

December 29th
The Hollywood Stories (2016)

December 31st
Big in Bollywood (2011)

And there ya have it! That’s all that’s coming to Netflix to keep you busy during the holiday season and to recuperate from the festivities (or to avoid family get-togethers, whatever you’re looking for). Personally, I’m interested in seeing Obama bio-pic Barry. What are you looking forward to? Now, my friends, go forth and stream!

Rev. Ron is a simple dude who thinks happiness comes in the form of movies, comic books and pizza.  When he’s not dropping Netflix knowledge or revisiting old movies and asking if they were really that bad here on The Robot’s Pajamas, he’s reviewing every movie he watches and posting about it on his blog.  Why not follow him on Twitter (@RevRonster) and see his constant posts about comics he’s buying or whatever latest action figure he sacrificed groceries in order to buy.

  • Dex

    A Christmas Horror Story was just released on 12/5 which is a pretty good anthology if you need a little more horror in your holiday season. Plus it’s got a knock-down drag-out Santa vs Krampus battle.