Netflix New Releases for August 2015 – Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Synopses

Rev Ron Netflix New Releases

Stick a fork in July because it is done and it’s time to rip open August!  And when a new month arrives and having that new month smell, it’s time to slack back on the couch and take in all the new streaming movies and TV shows that Netflix is tossing out to us.  Now, if you can pull yourself away from binging on the Wet Hot American Summer series or the new season of BoJack Horseman  you can waste your day away with these…

enemy at the gates

Enemy at the Gates (August 1st) –   Two snipers put their skills to the test against each other during the Battle of Stalingrad.  The film looks good and has some killer sniper action–and a great ending that is almost making fun of the overly dramatic bad guy monologue trope.  There’s a really uncomfortable and disgusting sex scene that feels out of place but overall the movie is okay and something to watch if you can’t find something better.

the hurt locker

The Hurt Locker (August 1st) – This Best Picture winner follows the antics of a “devil may care” bomb squad member (played by Jeremy Renner) and the effect his job has on his family and how his attitude plays with his squad mates.  It’s an amazing movie that is incredibly dramatic and tense.  The film really put Renner on the map and showcased his acting skills and was definitely one of those movie that deserved all the awards and attention it got.  This is a Must See if you haven’t seen it and a Must See Again if you haven’t watched in it awhile.

sorority row

Sorority Row (August 1st) – A re-imagining of the 1983 slasher film The House on Sorority Row, this film sees a group of sorority sisters try and hide the fact they accidentally killed one of their friends when a prank goes as bad as it can go.  However, someone remembers and is ready to stalk the hell out of them for it.  This movie is pretty by-the-numbers and isn’t that interesting to watch but I didn’t think the original was special either.  The only cool part is Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, is in it.  Beyond that, Skip It.

my amityville horror

My Amityville Horror (August 6th) – A documentary that focus on the man who inspired the horror film classic The Amityville Horror and former home owner Daniel Lutz speaks for the first time about the supposed events in 35 years.  From a documentary standpoint it is interesting but there has been so much debunked about the alleged “true story” that it is really hard to take anything said in the film seriously.  If you’re a skeptic like me, I’d say Skip It.  If you’re a believer in ghosts and the paranormal, Give It a Shot.

the woman in black 2

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (August 12th) – The sequel to the Daniel Radcliffe movie from 2012, this film focuses on a group of children being terrorized in the haunted home during WWII.  If you’re hard up for some horror this might suffice and some of the visuals are good but, like the first one (I didn’t care for that one), this one is light on scares and tension.  I’d say Skip It.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (August 16th) – When it is announced that the world is going to end, one man (Steve Carell) decides to go on a road trip to reunite with an old flame.  However, things take a different turn when his neighbor tags along.  This dramedy starts decently and quirky enough but starts to change dramatically in tone to the point it seems like it is trying to be a completely different film towards the end.  I’d say Skip It.

lord of war

Lord of War (August 17th) – Crazy old Nic Cage plays an gun runner who starts to look at the morality of his job while being pursued by Ethan Hawke as an Interpol agent.  The story is great, the cast is fantastic and the presentation is top notch–the opening credit sequence alone is worth the price of watching.  I’d definitely say this is a Must See.

Additional Films (That I haven’t seen) Released in August

August 1st
Wing Commander
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
Bride and Prejudice (2004)
Dear Frankie (2004)
Asylum (2005)
War (2007)
Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (2008)
Casting By (2012)
Russell Brand:  From Addiction to Recovery (2012)
Flex is Kings (2013)
Back in Time (Cong Cong Na Nian) (2014)
Beneath the Helmet (2014)
Breakup Buddies (Xin Hau Lu Fang) (2014)
Dogs on the Inside (2014)
Electric Slide (2014)
The Golden Era (Huang Jin Shi Dai) (2014)
The Living (2014)
Outcast (2014)
Pants on Fire (2014)
Russell Brand:  End the Drug War (2014)
Lost and Love (Shi Gu) (2015)
November Rule (2015)
Somewhere Only We Know (2015)

August 3rd
ChronicCon, Episode 420:  A New Dope (2015)

August 4th
Wyrmwood:  Road of the Dead (2015)

August 5th
Yellowbird (2014)

August 6th
The Look of Love (2013)
Welcome to Me (2014)
Kill Me Three Times (2014)

August 7th
Motivation 2:  The Chris Cole Story (2015)
Project Mc2 (2015)

August 11th
Fred:  The Movie (2012)
Fred 2:  Night of the Living Fred (2011)
Fred 3:  Camp Fred (2012)
Two Days, One Night (2014)

August 12th
Leap Year (2010)
For a Good Time, Call… (2012)

August 14th
Ship of Theseus (2012)
Demetri Martin:  Live (At the Time) (2015)

August 15th
Alex of Venice (2014)

August 16th
Pariah (2011)
Being Flynn (2012)

August 19th
Jerk Theory (2009)

August 20th
As Cool As I Am (2013)

August 21st
Grantham & Rose (2014)
Transcend (2014)

August 27th
Byzantium (2012)
White God (2014)

August 29th
Ride (2015)

August 30th
Muffin Top:  A Love Story (2014)

And there you have it!  Any Whovians out there might also be interested to know that the Twelfth Doctor’s first season will be available to stream on the 8th.  So, my friends, go forth and stream!  I’ll see you next month.

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  • Chris Piers

    Here’s my reviews of what I’ve seen:

    The Hurt Locker – Amazing movie. So tense. MUST SEE.

    Wing Commander – Shockingly boring! MUST AVOID.

    That’s it. August is not looking too interesting.

  • Big Jim

    Keira Knightley, who was in “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” also made a movie called “Last Night”. There’s a 1998 Canadian film called “Last Night” about a group of people and how they want to spend their last few hours before the end of the world.

    Don’t know if either of those are on Netflix, but both well worth a watch.