Nerds Panic! Freak out about an Iron Man 2 Photo!

So the first photo from Iron Man 2 was released and a lot of nerds got angry or upset or whatever nerds are good at doing. Let’s see if this has the same effect on you:


Are you going to be okay? Do you need a Hot Pocket to settle your nerves? I fail to see what is so upsetting about this photo. I like villains that use whips, I like Mickey Rorke, so I’m kind of cool with this photo. Some nerds are upset that they are combining villains in Iron Man 2, but come on guys Iron Man has one of the shittiest rouges galleries in all of comicdom.

So everyone please take a breath on your inhaler and relax. We know nothing about the film aside from this one photo. There’s no reason to panic.

  • Every blog in the world posted this photo. But this post alone seemed worthwhile.