Nerd Crafts Are Awesome, Especially When they Involve Me

There was a time when I thought crafts were dumb, but then the advent of nerd crafts happened. Which freed us from needless toilet paper covers and beer can hats and instead brought us cool stuff like this:


The Robot’s PJs article was made by a talented craftswoman by the name of Sarah who also made some other crafts based on the logos for blogs like Topless Robot and Great White Snark, but who cares about them? It’s all about me! I mean, it’s all about my blog! Yeah!

You can check out Sarah’s other crafts at her cool blog, bad conversation.

And okay, I’ll admit it. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get on my good side. So if you have anything you want to pimp via flattering me, feel free to pass it along!

  • Oh man–I’m wicked jealous.

    Either she doesn’t read my site or she doesn’t think my logo worthy of crafting…or both, I guess…

  • So very cool, I could use one!

  • Emma

    That’s great! And very well-made!