Nerd Approved Babes: Star Wars!

First up, I’m changing the name of this weekly feature to Nerd Approved Babes. I’ve never been that big of a fan of the term “cosplay” and it doesn’t always apply here. It’s the name that I used to use on Digital Monkey Box where a few of today’s photos come from.

Okay, back to business. Last week I boasted about the attractiveness of female Star Wars fans over that of female Star Trek fans. Today I provide some examples. Please note, that if I wanted to completely buried Star Trek fans by putting up a billion pictures of Slave Princesses alone, but I’ll spare them that level of humiliation. I’ll just post a few as examples.


Hot cannon fodder? Star Wars has it. I’ve never seen a hot red shirt!


More hot stormtroopers!


The obligatory Slave Leia.


Yet another.


In person Hannah Solo’s rack was pretty nice.


I can’t begin to describe how hot Darth Talon here was. Oh wait I can, she was friggen hot.

So what do you think Star Trek fans, do you need more examples?

Disclaimer: I find pictures through random searches on the net. If you are the copyright owner of the image and have a huge problem with it(them) being here, just let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the offending image(s). I also don’t know any of the people in the pictures nor do I care to, so if I make fun of you and it upsets you I’m really sorry.

  • Spammy Spam Spam

    Leia really looks great and awesome. Wonder if I can still have the chance to look as sexy as she is. LOL :)

  • Vincent

    Okay “Emma” why would you think that anyone would be interested in your website about ceiling fans, which is just an excuse for google ads? This is a nerd blog. Nobody gives a shit about ceiling fans here. I just don’t understand spammers.

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