NAB: Thundercats, Hoooooooo! (Slightly Risky)

For today’s Nerd Approved Babes I present to you some Thundercats cosplay/costuming action. I knew you’ve been wanting some, but you were just too afraid to ask. Of course, almost every Thundercat lady here is Cheetara, because no soul is either brave enough or a fan enough to dress up like Pumyra. Yes, I’m a geek.


The beauty of the “Cheetara twins” was enough to launch a thousand geeks to write even more horrible fan fiction.


Cheetara meets Jem, perhaps?


Cosplay chick on the right is a bit rusty with the standard cosplay poses.


Denny’s waitress is on the loose!


Once you’ve put the spots in your hair you’ve crossed the line of “just doing it for fun” to “serious business”.


Cheetara here smokes Marb Reds and listens to Gretchen Wilson during her breaks at the Dollar Store.


This Cheetara knows how to party! And by party, I mean give blowjobs to random popped collar wearing dude-bros.


I think we have a leader for cutest Cheetara that could really use a dishwasher.


Cheetara would never forget to pick up here kids from practice.


This Cheetara gives me a Joan Jett vibe for some reason. Also, a boner.


This Cheetara loves Harry Potter and math.


As much as I want on that Cheetara on the back, that Lion-o is just as humpable. That’s not gay, is it?


I know one nerdy girl that loves attention!


I don’t know if paint constitutes a costume, but I’ll let it go this one time.


I have a feeling that Cheetara here rarely ever leaves this bar.


I’m really, really sorry about this.

  • TM

    Really?! You couldn’t just stop at the paint-on costume. Shame on you for those last two.

  • Vincent

    Does it help that I have more good ones for a follow up update?

  • Obviously the painted on Cheetara is pretty clutch, but I keep coming back to the slutty one. Guess I just like my women with some mileage on them.

  • That nerd Cheetara has one damp crotch.

    Also, Vincent… I love you.

  • Vincent


    And gross… I didn’t notice that.

  • some oooh, some meh and some uhhhh… ew