NAB: Pow… Pow… Power Girl!!! (Risky for Work)

For this edition of NAB we present one of my most favorite comic book characters of all time. While most people like Power Girl because she has the biggest chest in legitimate comics, I’ve always enjoyed the fact that she had one of the most screwed up origins in comics. For the uninitiated, she is basically Earth 2’s Supergirl (fitting in nicely with my Supergirl fetish), but when Earth 2 (and all the other Earths besides one of them) were eliminated, she was left without a background. DC tried for years to find one that stuck, but none really did until they brought back Earth 2. She’s one of the few characters that is popular even though she didn’t have a back story worth a damn. That’s awesome.

Because of the fact that horny males have drawn her, it’s often hard to find a body type in nature that matches what she looks like in comics. Still, we must commend those who are brave enough to try and the few that pull it off.



Tawnya Manion looks like the perfect power girl and she’s in a fan film. The only draw back is the acting is a little off at times.


Normally, I don’t like to post pictures with random dudes in them… but Power Girl!


You’ve probably noticed the go to pose for Power Girl is the one armed flex.


This Power Girl didn’t cut her hair for the part, but she still passes.


Hot! Need more!


Power Girl protects the women’s powder room from perverts.


Extra hot Power Girls get to do two armed flexes.


This Power Girl looks a lot like Katee Sackhoff to me… or at least I want her to.


Man, she’s just a ray of sunshine.


I’m running out of comments. I may be suffering Power Girl overload.


This Power Girl looks a little like Power Mom.


More Power Milf.


It would be funny if one of these girls had 20 inch biceps. Funny and gross.


This Power Girl is displaying the little known power of the “Shame on You” gaze.



Disclaimer: I find pictures through random searches on the net. If you are the copyright owner of the image and have a huge problem with it(them) being here, just let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the offending image(s). I also don’t know any of the people in the pictures nor do I care to (unless you’re really hot), so if I make fun of you and it upsets you I’m really sorry.

  • Paul, I love you. I really do. But not as much as Power Girl.

    And the thing is people dismiss my love of her BECAUSE of her cup size and cleavage display. Quite frankly they are wrong, while I am a boob man my introduction to her were from ancient reprints of All-Star comics my dad would buy in those old bagged 3 packs from walmart you’d get for like 1.99 waaayback in the day.

    Thats where I read about how fucking AWESOME Dr. Fate and Power Girl are. Then I kinda dropped out of reading comics for financial reasons only to find modern Geoff Johns/Adam Hughes/Amanda Conner Power Girl so buxomly displayed combining beautiful big breasts with one of my all time favorite heroines.

  • Oh and Power Milf is good times sirrah.

  • Diggin that Power Milf. Mostly because of the thigh/jug combo.

  • Newton, you had me at /

  • 20 inch bicep. WTF!!! That wud be extreme gross!!!

  • BEGibson

    The picture of PG with uncut hair is a cosplayer/comic writer named Amber Love. She has a website, Amber Unmasked. She does a lot in the comic world, but most notable helps run Wonder Woman Day, a fundraiser in which artists donate artwork to be auctioned off for charities.

  • Ronnie James Dio

    nice job not having a film on this character DC !

    keep up the good work with poutty murdering superman and quittign batman and what ever the hell green lantern was.