NAB: E3 Nerd Attractors

My buddy Shawn got to go to the last E3. One of the greatest things about going to a convention like E3 is the “booth babes” who are there to attract perverts to at least pretend to be interested in what they are selling. Here are a few that were captured in the wild and put on Digital Monkey Box:


This is seriously the hottest “booth babe” I’ve seen.


She kinda wants to do this job, but she’s more weighed down by the fact that her acting career hasn’t taken off yet.


You know, hospitals should issue old school nurse outfits to hot nurses, scrubs to everyone else. I bet they’d get more business.


Look at these “school girls” who probably graduated community college years ago.

To see the rest of the E3 booth babe and costume pictures, check them out here.

  • You got to be kidding me!!!

    Where and when is the next? I am on my way. LOL

  • Vincent

    Seriously “Jason P” this has got to stop. I’m changing your name until you change it. Thanks for the comments though, it’s just that we can’t have two of you running around. The world will explode.

  • very good