NAB: Bianca Beauchamp as Super Girl (Surprisingly SFW)

Remember when Bianca Beauchamp dressed up as the Silk Spectre II from Watchmen and we all admired her plastic boobs? Well, because of the news bit about Supergirl not having a skirt anymore, I was looking for Supergirl pictures and came across Ms. Beauchamp dressed up like the “girl of steel.”



The extra is most likely a porn actor that probably didn’t have to put on makeup of change is hair to look this disgusting.


Question for everyone involved in this: If Superman doesn’t shoot lightning out of his hands, what makes you think Supergirl can?



I’m moving soon. I could really use her talents. And boobs. Sorry, I can’t help myself.

  • Idiot Spammer

    She can do a lot with those hands. Give me a date and I’ll tell what kind of sparks fly.

  • LEEE777

    SUPER!!! ; D

    Bet she can take the mile high club to a whole new level!!! ; )

  • LOL.

    I can bet Vincent named this guy Idiot spammer. LOL