My Wife Won’t Let Me Have Sex With a Robot Prostitute

What kind of world are we living in when a man can’t have sex with a robot for fear of his wife leaving him? I ask this question today, because I just found out that my wife won’t let me have sex with a robot. I can’t understand it. If I want to pay to have sex with a robot at some robo-brothel that caters to those not looking to have sex with a human prostitute or can’t afford one, I don’t see the problem.

Robot Prostitutes serve a very good purpose. They are there to fulfill the entirely natural desire for men to have sex with women that aren’t their wives. Regular human women serve the same purpose, but there’s a huge moral difference. Having sex with a female robot (or male if you prefer) is nothing more than looking at a dirty magazine, except in three dimensions and you put your penis in it and it says it’s okay if you put it in it’s butt.

There’s much less of a problem of catching an STD as most robot prostitutes have self cleaning systems. For those that don’t or have broken down to overuse, they don’t mind if you throw some bleach on their vaginas, unlike a lame human prostitute. You only make that mistake once, trust me.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about any emotional attachment to the super sexy robot prostitutes. Fine, one time I fell in love with protocol droid K5-4BN, but that was an entirely different set of circumstances. Robot prostitutes are governed by the basic tenets of robots to help prevent this kind of hanky panky: 1. Serve the public trust. 2. Protect the innocent. 3. Uphold the law. 4. Harm no employees of OCP. As you can see, none of their tenets include falling in love with human Johns.

Finally I must ask this, what would you rather see? A dead hooker in your trunk or a dead robot hooker in your trunk? I think the answer is obvious.

  • Did you tell your wife that the fembot hookers mean nothing to you? That usually works.

  • Vincent

    Yeah, she really isn’t falling for it.

  • Jason P

    Lol… Babette put her foot down, eh? How does she feel about sex dolls? o.0 (*starts packaging your Christmas present*)

  • Vincent

    I don’t think she’s comfortable with them. She thought I was retarded when I told her I wanted a real doll.

  • Perfectly-executed use of a Robocop shout-out.

  • Esbat

    What? You have a wife who could possibly dress up for you… put your robowhore money into some silver latex paint and a box of wine!

  • kinky stuff. Robots are good for everything now days. Maybe they will replace the blowup doll at some point?

  • Not Monte

    Lol atleast fembots don’t worry about the size of yor manhood either