My Obsession With Stupid Toys: DC Universe Classics Wave 10

Generally I don’t write about toys here, because the gracious Poe Ghostal over at lets me rant and rave over there. But today I make an exception, because this is a bit more personal… plus I can swear here as much as I please here. Damn it.

It’s about how I really want these stupid damned figures:


These are from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line wave 10. What’s so special about them? Well aside from the fact that one is that one of them is the mother fucking Joker, another looks like the Batman from my youth (’89 Batman film holla!), and the other is from my favorite big tittied super hero of all time, these figures are all Wal-Mart exclusives. Now, you wouldn’t think that would be a problem. There’s a Wal-Mart in almost every town sitting right on the top of mom and pop graveyards. I should be able to take a short drive and find as many as I’d like. WRONG! For some crazy reason, not all Wal-Marts carry these figures and in fact, the ones that do might not even get this wave. So that leaves collectors (like me) going bat shit crazy trying to get these dumb things.

Case in point, I work near a Wal-Mart. Every day I work, I stop in just to see if they have these figures. In the last three months I’ve stopped at Wal-Mart at least sixty times. Now, this is probably why Wal-Mart paid good money to have these figures as exclusives, but this is horse shit. The chances are that even if they are stocked at the Wal-Mart, then they’ll be bought by someone else and put on eBay.

Toy collecting is rough business and it sucks.

  • It surprised me when I first heard that these were going to be Wal-Mart exclusives because these are some nice DC figures. That sucks that not every store has them. I do like the Batman, Power Girl, and Man-Bat in this wave, but since the nearest Wal-Mart is now a 40-minute drive for me, there’s really no point in wasting gas to see IF they even have them.

  • I remember when toy collecting was fun and it didn’t stress the shit out of me. It also drains my wallet. Man, you’re right, it does SUCK and it either needs to start getting fun again or I quit! lol I want that black batman so badly.

  • If you haven’t entered yet, Articulated Discussion is having a contest to win Power Girl, Batman, and the Joker! Right now it’s probably a 1-in-500+ chance of winning, but that’s better than some people’s odds of seeing them in the wild…

  • Vincent

    I actually did enter, but I’m not sure if I’m eligible to win!

  • Those figures are very difficult to find, but what’s interesting is that they find their way to the Philippines (saw them in the local toy con)…and we don’t even have Wal-Mart!

  • Rimmer

    I found the black suit Batman last night at Wal-Mart by accident. I didn’t even know it was released. They also had 3 Power Girls

  • Hi, also love the Toy Story movies, awesome animation!