My Six Toy Grails, That I Got!

A toy grail is that ultimate toy that you always wanted, but it has somehow eluded you thanks to price or availability (and lots of times both). To some a grail item is supposed to be truly unavailable to you and if you get one, well it wasn’t really your grail. To me, it’s a toy I really, really want super bad that I have nostalgic/emotional ties to and that it is somewhat obtainable (Hey, even Galahad found the “real” Grail). For me it’s possible to have a grail toy and then have another one takes its place. In that spirit, here’s the grail toys that I’ve actually gotten over the years.

Starmax Bomber


This one is interesting because I had a Starmax bomber since I was a kid, so I never actually was without one. The problem was that I was a dumb kid that lost a lot of pieces to it, including all the bombs. Through some trades (that included the Terrordrome trade) I got another Starmax bomber. I took the parts from that one and put them on my childhood bomber and bam, I had a complete Starmax bomber again!

Transformers Vintage Soundwave


Man, at one time I had an insane obsession with Soundwave. I’ve written my about my tragic Soundwave story that you can find here, but the quick version is I had one for about a second and then it was gone. Thanks to our pal Chris Piers who sold me his Transformers I managed to get a vintage Soundwave… in the package no less! This one was a pretty big dream come true for me.

G.I. Joe Cobra Terrordrome


Oh man, this is a toy I never thought I’d get. I managed to get a Cobra Terrordrome through a trade of Starcom toys I had and some G.I. Joes. The thing was 100% complete and contained no broken parts. It was about a year before I could actually display the thing. And now it sits in my room looking awesome. Although the other day, I did break a door clip and it drove me into a paralysis of rage. So yeah, I gotta find a new door for the thing and it can be complete again.

G.I. Joe Defiant Space complex


Another toy I never, ever thought I’d own. The G.I. Joe Defiant is a massive toy. And when I got it the thing was missing a lot of pieces. It’s now about 95% complete and has a few broken parts.

Sadly, out of all the most wanted toys that I’ve gotten, this one has failed to enthrall me as much as I hoped it would. It’s too freaking big to display well. And the money I’ve poured into the Defiant complex to make it more complete got me to think of it more as a money pit than a fun toy. I basically soured on it. This is the only grail item that I’ve thought about selling.

Captain Power Soaron Carded


I loved Captain Power as a kid. Everything about it was great. Sci-fi adventure with a dystopian twist? Yes, please! Soaron was my favorite bad guy and he made his way into almost all of my playtime adventures. I never saw carded Captain Power figures in person as I grew up and started going to conventions and toy shows. Thanks to the internet I finally got my hands on a carded version. He’s not super mint, but good enough to display and admire.

Star Wars RotJ Darth Vader Carded


My toy collecting habit started at Star Wars and only grew exponentially from there (for on my secret toy collecting origin). One of my first toy collecting desires was to get vintage Star Wars figures on cards. Eventually I ran across a Klaatu figure, but that didn’t really fill the void. What really did it was a Darth Vader. I managed to get him at around 50 bucks at the time, because the Return of the Jedi version was worth a lot less than the Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back version (and he still is). Over the years he’s gone up in price, so I’m glad I got him when I did, he’s over a hundred bucks now. And the two other Star Wars figures next to him were pretty big gets for me too (Wicket signed by Warwick Davis and a PotF figure).

Well that’s all… for now. I may just put together of my most wanted items, because it’s hard to kill an obsession like toy collecting. What toy grails do you have? Have you gotten any of them?

  • XeQUae

    Those grails are pretty cool!! I had the Terrordrome as a kid and it was awesome! Unfortunately it didn’t survive. I think it was in pretty bad shape and was thrown away. It would be cool to own again, but it is pretty big and I’m really out of room.

    My big grail was the complete loose vintage Kenner Star Wars figure collection. I don’t have vinyl cape Jawa, but have all of the other figures. I also have the Max Rebo band and Jabba the Hut. He is missing his bowl though.

    The other grails are to finish the Word of Springfield Simpsons figures. I’m just missing Glow in the Dark Homer and the Town Square. I passed on the Town Square because I didn’t have money at the time and now it goes for over $200.