My Crazy Theory on Who Zoom is on CW’s Flash

zoom on flash

Season two of Flash has an ongoing mystery: who is Zoom? We know that Zoom is a speedster from Earth-2 and that he’s sending supervillains into Earth-1 to kill their duplicates and to kill Barry Allen. But why? And who is under that mask? Well, I have a weird theory after the episode last week. It’s spoilery if you’re not up to date, but also I admit that the guess could very easily be wrong so it probably isn’t a spoiler at all. Your call on whether to read on.

Oh good, you’re still with me. Okay, so here is a shot of Zoom from season 2, episode 6, “Enter Zoom”:

Zoom Posing in Enter Zoom

And here is a photo of actor John Wesley Shipp from when he starred as Barry Allen/The Flash on the TV show in 1990:


Need more convincing? Look at this comparison of the eyes:

john wesley shipp eyes

Okay, so I’m positing that John Wesley Shipp is playing the guy under that mask. But who is he? On the show, he plays Barry’s father, Henry Allen. It seems pretty convoluted to say that Henry is somehow Zoom in a parallel dimension, when Henry spent all of last season in prison. No, it’s not Henry. But could he be Henry from Earth-2? Maybe. Definitely maybe. But I have a different theory.

Zoom is Barry Allen from Earth-2 and Earth-2 is the same universe as the 1990 Flash TV show.

Yeah, I’m guessing that Zoom is the alternate version of Barry, grown up. I think that the idea behind the season is looking at what if Barry made bad choices and turned evil? That’s who Zoom is. It may explain somehow why Zoom is obsessed with having supervillains kill their counterparts on Earth-1. Maybe Zoom even got to Henry and convinced him to stay away from Barry, which is why Henry took off as soon as Barry got him out of prison?

There’s a lot of info still to be revealed. It could either shore up my theory or smash it to smithereens. But I think the show is going to retroactively turn the 1990 TV show into canon for itself.

  • Big Jim

    Oliver’s father is the Green Arrow on Earth 2. I thought that was a bit of a tease that maybe Barry’s father on Earth 2 could be Zoom. But I didn’t think he might be the 90s Flash. Interesting.

    Has anyone on the show wondered if there is a Jay Garrick on Earth 1? Could Zoom be Earth 1’s Jay Garrick? I don’t know how that would work.

  • Skewed_View

    I like the idea that John Wesley Shipp is Zoom, and I bet you’re right. I really doubt the 90s show will be roped into it, but it’s a crazy theory and I like where your head is.
    Also, looking at Wesley Shipp’s filmography, he provided the voice on Batman: The Brave and the Bold for *gasp* Professor Zoom!

  • Michael Gerard

    okay, the 90’s flash was shown in the Portal on the way to earth 2 which made me come to a similar conclusion to you since I had already figured that that is definitely John Wesley Shipp in the Zoom costume.. It’s either Barry’s Dad from Earth II or a Flash/Barry from another Earth where the name Barry was 1 generation back on the family Tree and he became the flash aka the 1990’s Television reality.

  • Chris Piers

    Since we met the alternate Barry from Earth-2, I now think it is simply his father that is Zoom. Still John Wesley Shipp, though.

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