My Birthday and Christmas Wishlist

It’s an annual tradition of mine to make a big list of all the stuff I want and for all my readers to fight over who is going to buy me what, because I know you are all trying to compete for favor and need a leg up. This year, I will continue the tradition on The Robot’s Pajamas. Lucky you!

Lego Endor Bunker


This Lego set has got it all! Ewoks, Chewbacca, Biker Scouts! I believe that this set truly is off the hook… yo.

Three Keyboard Cat T-shirt


I’m not going to tell you why this shirt is so unbelievably amazing, because you can already see for yourself if you have eyes.

Left 4 Dead 2


I’ve already gone on about why I need this, but the short version is that my passion for killing zombies knows no bounds.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


Again, another game I’ll probably die if I don’t have… at least socially. I can’t be that kid that doesn’t have the popular game that everyone else has!

Beatles Rock Band


If you get me Beatles Rock band, I’ll totally let you watch me play.

Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo


I need an Indiana Jones mini-figure and I can get one in this set. Who doesn’t want to put an Indiana Jones on their Lego Tauntaun. I mean really?



I like Robotman. What’s funny is I only started liking him about a week or so ago because I started reading old All Star Squadron comics. Too bad that Robotman is a Wal-Mart exclusive. That means it will be that much harder for you to buy him for me, but in the end I’ll appreciate you all the more.

Star Wars Darth Krayt/Sigel Dare Comic Two Pack


This is one of those comic packs that I’m never going to see in stores or I’ll find it when I have no money (right now). So please, hook a brother up with an awesome gift!

The kid downstairs to shut the hell up on Saturday morning


I know the fact that we don’t have soundproofing isn’t the fault of the toddler downstairs, but the fact that he’s annoying when I’m trying to sleep in is certainly his fault.