Munchkin Panic! A Tabletop Game Review


I recently got my hands on a copy of Munchkin Panic! and I really need to get it out there that it’s a super fun game. Yes, I’ve spoiled the review already, but I can’t tease it out. It’s a fun tabletop game.

The game is a mashing up of Castle Panic! by Fireside games with the Munchkin card game by Steve Jackson Games, which basically means it’s colorful and humorous.

Munchkin Panic! has players working together to defeat a horde of monsters attacking their castle towers. Every round the monsters move closer and multiply. It’s up the the players to keep their wits about them and take them all out. I love co-op games and this is perfect for a fun team up with friends.

But it’s not entirely co-op, there is still some competition between players. The player with the most monster kills “wins” the game overall, so some players may focus on kills rather than taking down a high power monster a few notches and letting someone else get that kill. That’s a little annoying, but it’s in the spirit of Munchkin.


The rules are fairly simple and easy enough to learn. It only took us a little bit to get going. We did have one major hiccup where we were giving away far too many treasures, meaning one player got way ahead in treasure before we figured out our mistake. This lead to him getting way ahead in points. I’m going to have to assume there’s more competition for points and that you can come from behind if you play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

While the game does a great job of capturing the Munchkin experience in a different form, there is a lot less back stabbing due to the nature of game. If players don’t work together, the castle will be destroyed. This is the opposite of Munchkin where players are encouraged to screw each over in order to get to the top. Players did experience some refusals to help at times, but overall everyone wanted to beat the monsters no matter who was the “winner”.

The game also comes with an expansion that let’s you play as characters, more in line with playing with classes in Munchkin.

The only drawback is I wish there was more of a monster variety that you get with collecting tons of Munchkin cards (like I have). At the same time though… not sure if I’d want to invest in monster expansions and get sucked into another rabbit hole.

Overall, Munchkin Panic! is a super solid game and I’d love to play more of it. Get it!