MST3K is Back And It Was Okay


During the Kickstarter to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 I contributed a good chunk of cash to get my hands on the blu-ray versions of however many episodes they would produce. At the time I didn’t know they’d be available on Netflix and also I had to take a leap of faith that Joel Hodgson, creator and first host of the show, would not mess it up. I’ve been waiting since the Kickstarter opened in November 2015 for this thing and my anticipation was sky high.

Those of us who contributed to the Kickstarter got a preview viewing of the first episode before everyone else can see it on Netflix. I set my alarm for 2 am and I somehow managed to get out of bed. I began the stream, hoping against hope that it was going to be as good as the old MST3K from my youth.

It sort of was. The new aesthetics of the show are pretty cool. It seems to have a larger, yet small budget and there’s a bit of a more hype vibe. Host Jonah Ray seems very capable in the roll and I think he’s a good fit. The new bot voices are pretty decent as well.


The first movie for MST3K version 2.0 is Reptilicus and oh man is it a perfect movie for Mystery Science Theater. It at first just seems like a bad monster movie, a rather standard one, but the monster effects put it over the top for something truly horrible. The only problem I had was that the jokes didn’t land as well as I thought they would. I’ve been watching classic MST3K the last couple of weeks leading up to this new season (or Experiment 085 as it’s called) and this one didn’t feel like it had the comedic power as some of those older episodes. I say some, because it wasn’t bad. It felt like a rather standard episode of the series and not a triumphant return.


I’m hoping the show finds it’s footing and we get some classic MST3K episodes out of this (now) Netlfix series. Maybe my anticipation was a bit high or maybe the writers/actors just have to get into the groove. I won’t be let down if the rest of the series is this good, but I feel like they could go up from here.