More Clones from Sideshow: Echo and Fives

Sideshow Toys Fives Echo

Tea bagging some droids!

Just when I thought choosing what Clone Trooper I want to buy was tough, Sideshow Collectibles just announced a pair of Clones, Echo and Fives. These two dudes clock in at 200 bucks, which is really kind of a deal considering a single Clone Trooper is 140.

Sideshow Toys Fives Echo

Bros. Clone Bros.

The main difference between these guys and the single version Shiny or Veteran is that they have some really cool paint decos, come with heads based on the actor that planed Jango Fett and all the clones (Temuera Morrison), and they also don’t have the backpack or sweet arse mini-gun looking blaster that the regular Clones come with. Tough decision! If you can somehow have the money and space to build up a giant clone army with Sideshow figures, I salute you.

Sideshow Toys Fives Echo

General Star Wars Mythos

  • Chris Piers

    Gotta catch ’em all.

  • RobotsPJs

    Back when Attack of the Clones came out I tried to collect every 3.75 in. Clone Trooper. It quickly became a nightmare because they made so many. Crom knows that if I was rich, I’d be buying every fucking one of these things.