More (but not a lot) of Blue Beetle


The post I put up the other day briefly saying I’d watch a Blue Beetle television series went over pretty well, so I decided to follow up with five whole seconds of Blue Beetle test footage. In the video below, skip to the 50 second mark.

Even for test footage, it’s pretty damned awesome. CGI has come along way when crappy test footage looks that good.

It’s rumored that the WB is interested in a show like this to replace Smallville and as someone who abandoned Smallville in it’s first few seasons, I just want to say that it would be really refreshing to see a superhero show where the superhero wears his god damned costume. Seriously, what’s Clark Kent like, 30? It’s completely retarded that he’s not Superman by now. That show makes no sense.

Thanks to: /Slashfilm

  • CGI has indeed come a long way – I’m so old that I remember when Pixar’s animation with the two desktop lamps swept the world like a storm.