MiniMate Super Battle


I’m not a super huge fan of the Mini-Mate figures from Diamond Select, but hot damn I do love a good toy based diorama. That’s a load of great superhero action right there.

Click on the more tag for another great pic.


Thanks to: Zach Oat (@zachoat)

  • Chad B

    I really don’t understand the appeal of Minimates. Is it that they take up less space and are more affordable than larger figures? What makes these things so popular? I dunno, maybe I’m a hypocrite, cause I know I was drooling when they showed off the Minimate Battle Beast, and I can’t wait for more of those, if they are coming.

  • Yeah, I don’t get them so much. I mean, I think they’re cute and I like pictures of them, but I don’t need to own any. However, I recognize that they’re pretty popular so I support them.